People around here have been playing the original Homerun Battle 3D [$4.99 / Free / HD] since it was Baseball Slugger all the way back in 2009. We reviewed the game then and even though there's been all kinds of changes (some crazy, some not so much) the core gameplay is still the same.

It revolves around being nearly instantly matched up with people all over the world to compete in homerun derbies. You aim your bat by tilting, then tap to swing, hopefully resulting in a higher score than your opponent. Unfortunately, the addition of an in-app purchase system skewed the power curve like nobody's business, and before long you needed to either spend a shocking amount of money or grind for eternity to remain competitive.

The sequel is launching with all sorts of new customization, including female batters. There's six different game modes, and even multiple stadiums. Everything we've heard so far about the game is pointing to it being a great sequel to the original, but I've got my fingers, toes, shoelaces, and everything else that can be crossed crossed in hopes that the in-app purchase system doesn't have such a drastic effect on this entry in the series. Or, if nothing else, that there's at least a lobby you can play in that doesn't allow anything but the starting equipment… As the pre-IAP Baseball Slugger is responsible for some of my fondest memories in early iOS gaming.

If all goes as planned, Homerun Battle 2 should be available in the US App Store tomorrow night at 11:00 PM Eastern, or potentially much earlier if you're lucky enough to live on the same island as Peter Jackson.

  • Josh Hofer

    This is an absolute instabuy for me. I bought v1 the moment it became available and I still go back and play it for 10-15 minutes 4 times a week. Excited for v2!

  • Clarissa Guzman

    I played the 2nd homerun battle 2 and I don't like it it's to crowded and nutty. The first one was better.