It's probably fair to say most episodic series experience big-time drop-offs in sales after each new release. It's just what happens, regardless of quality. But on the App Store, one big studio, Telltale Games, is actually seeing sales spikes after each release of Hector and "substantially less" drop-off with other series in general. File that away in your "the more you know" drawer.

Producer Dave Felton dropped this nugget in a recent interview with Gamasutra. Fleshing out the why, Felton said Telltale attributes "the device form factor and the App Store environment" as making the difference.

"On iOS devices there's really no way yet to fulfill the 'Season Pass' concept through the App Store, but the encouraging thing is the drop off from episode to episode is substantially less than we have seen on any other platform to date," he said.

We have nothing to add here on our end because Felton is probably right: the App Store is much, much more consumer-friendly and facing than any other platform Telltale releases on, so it's generating more sales. And, yeah, these devices can go anywhere with us. Want to play some Monkey Island on the toilet? You totally can. Do that with an Xbox.

[Via Gamasutra, via Joystiq]

  • James Bond

    On another note, Scibblenauts Remix and SHADOWGUN are having a firesale for 99c! (Come on TA, you're never punctual for sales)

  • Sanuku

    Everytime i read something from Telltale here on the Mainpage i can assure that it`s again some Bullshiting from them. Well at least their Ports are on the same Level of Quality so i did know that it won`t be something worth reading. Did i miss something at the End?

    Guess not, while every other Developer is already using IAP to keep their Franchise with new Content Fresh and Sexy those Guys doesn`t seem to be even aware of it and crying about the Season Pass System instead. 

  • Curtis Shideler

    Just wish they'd hurry up with their Puzzle Agent update so I can actually play it on iOS 5... You'd think they would have been ready and seen that one coming.