The day is almost here, folks: game creator extraordinaire Phil Hassey's chicken-themed successor to his award-winning strategy game Galcon [$1.99] hits this November 16. Hassey shot us a kind note this morning confirming the release of Chickon and fleshing out what we know about the game. According to him it's "very much like" Galcon, but paradoxically "very different" and, as you'd assume, sillier.

As you'll see in the assets we have below, Chickon replaces Galcon's planets with nests, it's ammunition with chickens, and its enemies with, uh, robotic chickens. There's also a ton of special abilities you'll be to utilize in battle, including bombs and nuclear warheads. You'd think radioactivity and poultry don't go together, but stop by a KFC sometime. You'll learn things. Hard things.

We'll be giving this a spin in the coming days and reporting to you about our experience with the game. While you wait, check out Hassey's latest video starring a large man in a chicken costume doing crazy things (plus gameplay nods):