Supermono Studios is proving that its willing to go back to the drawing board with its open-world-meets-LittleBigPlanet racing game, Forever Drive [Free]. Under advisement from fans, the studio has released a free update to the game that demonstrates dramatic refinements and tweaks to the core action and building models. The game had been under some... fire from fans who believed its free-to-play business model was proving too restrictive.

The biggest change? Users can now earn more credits by racing. Before, it appeared that the only way to obtain the game's currency was to purchase them. Also, this update gives users five free track slots and the ability to edit their own tracks without the need to purchase more slots. New monorail scenery and bad track reporting functionality are in this update, too.

We've been pretty high on Forever Drive for a while now, but we're stoked to see creator Supermono flatten out some of the hillier spots in an otherwise cool title. This update is teasing "brand new modes" so look out for more in the near future.

  • M:E

    Tak always makes such great stuff ^_^

  • Adams Immersive

    Cool—now I won’t be afraid to experiment with the track builder more!

  • Anonymous

    The basic gameplay is still terrible but such trivialities shouldn't bother me right?! I mean it has flashing lights and all. It is really beyond me how someone can be high on this game with controls and mechanics which are way, way off. Pass.

    • M:E

      You're young I take it? This game brings back nice memories of good old racers on monochrome monitors

      • Anonymous

        I'm 37, so alas, not so young. I expect my games to be fun, I don't care much for the flashing lights. And top down racers can be done on iOS: Reckless Racing had fantastic controls and was a lot of fun to play. It also had nice graphics but I always see that as a bonus. Gameplay is king. I think Forever Drive has bad controls and is extremely repetitive with 1 game mode, timed races, which aren't exciting.

      • James Bond

        I don't think you understand the game enough to actually enjoy it. 

  • Anonymous

    Won't run on my 2nd gen Touch, as it requires iOS 4.3.