If you've been listening to our show, you've probably noticed that we've been growing more and more in love with aggressive stunt games. Most of the titles we highlight have revolved around bikes, though, so we thought we'd throw a bone to cars today with this neat and goofy-looking stunt car game with a weird name from Blue Riversa, RPM: Gymkhana Racing.

According to publisher BulkyPix, RPM is a four-location, 20-stage affair that solely focuses on the zany stuff you can do in fast cars, including drifting, donuts, and burn-outs. It's obviously up to snuff from a visual perspective, and seems like it'll have a fair share of off-the-wall challenges, like say, Paint The Wall -- a mode where you skid around in wet paint in order to color a barrier. The game will also include star-collecting and an online component.

Interestingly, it'll also pack in a record mode that'll allow you to share your feats of stunt strength with your friends. That mechanic in particular is an emerging one. We've seen quite a few games in the recent past update to include video sharing and taking, so it's nice to see Blue Riversa sticking with the pack.

You can bet your right-hand that we'll be checking this one out soon. RPM hits the iPad and iPhone later this November on the 17th.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, MAN! A must-buy for me! Can't WAIT 'til this comes out! I'm SO on this!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CN5B3ROVDFAFDYBQTPCMD3C3OI James Bond

    holy mother of jesus

  • Anonymous

    Looks good but I hope the controls are good, that's where most IOS games go wrong. Apple really needs to work out some way of giving us physical controls or start supporting Bluetooth controllers. Using a PS3 controller would be so awesome.

    • Adams Immersive

      I’d say most iOS games DO have good controls, and the ones that don’t are the smaller number.

      (I do appreciate traditional console controls for certain things, but that’s certainly not the best control method across all game types.)

      • http://www.mozzarellashop.it MasviL

        most iOS games DON'T

      • David Graff

        What games are you talking about? I had no problem adjusting to virtual controls, especially soft analog sticks. This game looks ridiculous (the good kind)! I have over 100 games on my iPad at the moment, and their controls are just fine. The nice thing about having soft controls is that there are so many different types of control sets that can be used; from Fruit Ninja to MiniGore they often suit the game just fine.

      • http://www.mozzarellashop.it MasviL

        I'm especially talking about platforms. Virtual buttons generates errors, as often reported from users. Only Blobster and Bean's Quest are real touch experience.

  • http://twitter.com/21tigermike Michael A. Robson

    Awesome! Thanks for putting together a cool soundtrack, it really gives it a sweet chill vibe.. I wanna spend a couple good hours ripping around in this game!!

  • Anonymous

    holy mother of god

  • David Graff

    Holy crap, 11 days until I part with whatever they are charging, granted it has an iPad version or is universal.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully it uses iCloud so we're not stuck playing two different progressions and have to keep the game installed forever lest we lose all progress. But I get the feeling that since the trailer mentioned Android and web ports, we'll be lucky to even see Game Center.