A survey was distributed amongst 1,000 video game industry professionals that are attending the upcoming London Games Festival, respondents were asked to compose their own list of the top five people and hardware in the video game industry and, both Apple and Steve jobs ranked in first amongst both categories:


  • iPhone: 17%
  • Wii: 7%
  • Xbox Live: 3%
  • PlayStation One: 3%
  • Steam: 2%


  • Steve Jobs 26%
  • Gabe Newell 16%
  • Shigeru Miyamoto 7%
  • Tim Berners-Lee 4%
  • Mark Zuckerberg 3%

Curiously enough, amongst all the people who responded, the iPhone was somewhere in 53% of the voters' top fives. Similarly, Steve Jobs made it into 46% of all the top fives. Like most surveys, you can read into them a variety of different ways. If the London Games Conference is like most US video game conferences, it could be nearly taken over by iOS developers, who'd naturally respond the iPhone and Steve Jobs. Alternatively, Steve Jobs is likely still fresh in everyone's memory. Either way, I feel like Shigeru Miyamoto should have gotten way more than 7%.

[Eurogamer via The Escapist]

  • Anonymous

    Miyamoto maybe should've been #1 but, let's face it, iOS will probably destroy console gaming as we know it. I give the console one more generation before everyone is using their mobile device to stream games to their TV.

  • http://twitter.com/Tweety3_1415 Alexander Walker

    woahwoahwoahwoah ZUCKERBERG???

    • Anonymous

      Facebook social games like Farmville are insanely popular. They
      generate some obscene amount of money; so that's probably why he was

    • Anonymous

      You know how many people have never even heard of farming prior to Zuckmeister?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DW2M47ZVVXVD4ASUIJKNCACV3U nate

    Judging by the poll options...I would say the question was phrased differently than reported. When Tim Berners-Lee comes up as an answer for someone who shaped hardware industry of video games....he worked on the WWW project, which is the internet as we know it, NOT ANYTHING to do with video game hardware. Gabe Newell, nothing to do with hardware. Zuckerberg, facebook, nothing to do with hardware. Miyamoto, nothing to do with hardware (as far as i know). The only option that had anything to do with hardware is Steve Jobs. 

    And i would say that Steam is the biggest shaping factor in the industry now...kind of a template EA copied for origin and also what a template the App Store borrows from as well. And I would say that consoles are here to stay, mobile gaming is going to continue growing (on phones, dont expect people to buy separate handhelds in phone numbers). The line between consoles and PC are going to just keep blurring until they're extremely hard to tell the difference between (microsoft is aiming for this apparently with their next gen and windows)

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      There were no poll options, people provided their own lists. It wasn't multiple choice.

      • Anonymous

        If this were really an open poll, then what's also the game?

  • http://portablesoldier.tumblr.com Jay MacEachern

    No offence but Steve Jobs himself did very little for the gaming industry other than offer a new product to play games on. There are many more deserving people that have done more for the games industry. 

  • http://www.meadiciona.com/charles_anjos Charles Albert

    Gabe Newell, the guy who saved PC gaming. Where's a statue for that man?

  • http://portablesoldier.tumblr.com Jay MacEachern

    Not to mention the website for this festival is flagged by Chrome for distributing malware. 

  • Kevin Nelson

    This is honestly a slap in the face to Miyamoto. Nobody, absolutely nobody has had more of an influence on the gaming industry than him. It shouldn't even be close.

    • Anonymous

      i doubt very much he will be loosing any sleep over this...or even cares.

    • Anonymous

      Miyamoto is the greatest game designer of all time. He is the measuring stick by what others compare themselves. What Jobs did is destroy an industry that has existed for the past 30 years. It has affected the industry so much that Nintendo reverted from the path of the Wii. This is probably the reasoning behind the decision of game designers.

  • Anonymous

    The Person with the largest influence on gaming is not merely about who votes them in -.- .  The largest influences and 'most well known' are very different things.  I would say the average apple gamer knows very little about gaming as a whole.  More popular? yes. More influence? no.

    • Briker Ed

      More popular does however mean they generate more interest, are more sucked up to and are more heard, which in term gives them more influence, even though they might not be the most creative or revolutionary. 

      I do love Miyamoto's work but the first thing that pops into my mind, when his name is mentioned, is a few game franchises that get recycled every year and how my DS & Wii see far less action than, for example, my iPhone or even facebook :/ 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OBIA4XSM6GSOHW6AENIEYNNT7M Stephen

    Ok, we're talking about current events here, people. Steve Jobs creating a new piece of hardware that has more people than ever enjoying games, makes him VERY influential. I love Miyamoto as much as the next gamer, but he hasn't offered much of value since Pikmin. And while I am also very fond of Steam, I am still introducing it to people who already game on PC to this day. In order to be as influential currently as Jobs or the iPhone, I shouldn't even have to introduce it to your mom!

    • Benjamin Rodriguez

      depends on what group of society your from. I know plenty of ppl who didn't know who steve jobs was until he died.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OBIA4XSM6GSOHW6AENIEYNNT7M Stephen

        Yes, but the real question is, how many people will know who Miyamoto is after he dies compared to the present?

  • http://twitter.com/Platronic John Francis

    Yeah, this is nonsense on so many levels. Amusing though I guess.

  • http://twitter.com/lemontiter Shannon Dickson

    Way to go Playstation One.  I'm proud of you.