Contre Jour [$.99 / UHD: now with more. Courtesy a new update, Mokus' beautiful puzzle game boasts a fourth world called "Moonlight" that contains 20 additional stages to play in and a few new mechanics including "moving pulleys and tentacles." Interestingly, Moonlight also features a slightly off-kilter visual style that sets it apart from the rest of the its content. Everything in it looks rendered in negative, as if the art dude(s) at Mokus hit the wrong button on Photoshop or something.

The results are pretty cool. Check out these screens publisher Chillingo blasted us this morning:

Smaller device woes aside, Contre Jour holds up. It's a beautiful game with some really challenging puzzles that'll keep you testing and delaying that endorphin-pumping "a-ha" moment whenever you figure out how to reach the exit of a level.