Our ratings for games we reviewed in October are now in place, and we now present to you the ones that are on the top of the heap. Each game reviewed receives a 1-5 star rating relative to the other games from that month. Generally, a 3 or higher is considered a "good" rating.

Our final scores are not the product of any traditionally objective measures such as graphics or sound, but simply reflect the games we would most recommend to others. Keep in mind, this listing is comprised of games we reviewed in October, and not necessarily games that were specifically released in October.

5 Stars

Bring Me Sandwiches!!, Free - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - Adult Swim is batting 1000 lately with fabulous iOS games, and Bring Me Sandwiches!! keeps that tradition going strong. It's a cross between the collect-everything-you-see gameplay of Katamari Damacy with a platformer game. Additionally, tons of control schemes make the game great to play no matter what your control preference might be.

Mage Gauntlet, $2.99 - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - Almost too many games lean on pixel art and chip tunes just because it's in style, but Mage Gauntlet draws inspiration from that era and allows it to permeate every aspect of the game. If you have any fond memories of Super Nintendo-era action RPGs, don't miss this game.

Scribblenauts Remix, $0.99 - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - Originally released on the Nintendo DS, Scribblenauts is a game that's so unique that you simply must play it. Remix combines the best elements from both of the DS games along with 10 iOS-exclusive levels. In addition, it's even universal and boasts complete iCloud save syncing support.

4.5 Stars

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, $6.99 - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - Gameloft has had two solid entries in the Modern Combat series so far, and the third is somewhat expectedly the best one yet. A heavily scripted single player campaign is supplemented by online multiplayer with oodles of maps and game modes.

Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots, $0.99 - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - Movie games are almost universally terrible, but I don't have a problem getting behind this trend of taking a great existing game and adding a layer of movie tie-in on top. It worked for Angry Birds Rio, and works just as well here. Bandito mode is a ton of fun, and would be fun regardless of the Puss in Boots tie-in.

Whale Trail, Free - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - Most games you can plot along a line graph with "gameplay" on one end and "presentation" on the other. The best games wind up somewhere in the middle, and Whale Trail definitely sits deep into the "presentation" side of things. Still, the game looks fantastic, and the incredibly vibrant graphics almost make you forget the gameplay is so simple.

Forever Drive, Free - [Review - Forum Thread] - This clever racing game, as the title suggests, allows you to drive forever in community-created tracks. It has a cool atmosphere, and a great spin on the freemium model where paying truly feels optional, something I wish we'd see a little bit more.

Dark Meadow, $1.99 - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - Atmospheric horror is a game genre that never really seems to translates to portable devices very well, but Phosphor Games did a great job of it with Dark Meadow. Set in a creepy hospital, and utilizing the Unreal Engine, the game looks and sounds great. A repetitive combat system drags down this otherwise fantastic title.

Slam Dunk King, Free - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - The best part of NBA Jam was always the ridiculous dunks, and Slam Dunk King distills that formula even further to a ultra-casual sports game that focuses solely on wicked dunks. It's even free, and similar to Forever Drive, paying feels very optional.

The rest of the game ratings can be seen in their respective rating categories (also found in the sidebar navigation): 5 Stars, 4.5 Stars, 4 Stars, 3.5 Stars, 3 Stars, and 2 Stars.

As always, we expect there will be some debate about relative scores, but keep in mind that everyone's personal ratings may vary based on individual tastes.

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  • http://twitter.com/back2this Sean Yuan

    Great list. Have all of the top games of the month this time unlike September. 


  • Anonymous

    MC3 is the best game of October, and Gangstar Rio will be the best game of November.

    The Gangstar series is my favorite one for iOS, and Gangstar Rio most likely will come out on the 10th.

    • http://twitter.com/spongefile Tina Aspiala

      Somehow I can't get over MC3's asinine premise/attitude enough to consider it best game of October. Controls haven't felt natural to me and maps also have mysterious invisible walls that make no sense. It's good, but not great IMHO.

  • Harishankar Narayanan

    Stripe Jeweled ??? 

  • http://twitter.com/neinbit 9bit

    I wish Scribblenauts was available in all countries ...  :/

  • http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fly-smasher-hd/id471897622?mt=8 Dorothylisa

    Fruit ninja and whale trail games are awesome.really having fun playing all these games.

  • http://twitter.com/FALLDAY Hanny

    Why not put Gem keeper?isn't cool?

  • http://www.the-app-shack.com Matt F

    Whale Trail is the most addictive game this month. Honorable mention for Mage Gauntlet

  • Anonymous

    Forever drive was really nifty at first, but the novelty wore off just too quickly. 

    As a free game I suppose I got my moneys worth on the other hand...

  • Patrick Sullivan

    I thought that if anything forever drive feels way too much like a paid game. Everywhere you turn in the game there's something else that you have to pay for. I don't think I've seen a game with slower progression (without paying) either.

  • https://openid.aol.com/opaque/413d29f0-69ee-11e0-947a-000bcdcb2996 compactman

    MC3 = IOS Game Of The Month & IOS Game Of The Year!!!!!!!!!

    Next Question!!!