To say Trilobyte is a company with a ton of history behind it would be a massive understatement. Founded in 1990, they're best known for The 7th Guest which recently (Well, "recently" in Trilobyte terms) got ported to iOS. When it was first released, Trilobyte was blazing a new trail in interactive media, and the success of The 7th Guest played a substantial role in early adoption of the CD-ROM, believe it or not. Since then, Trilobyte has released a few other titles, including The 11th Hour, the 7th Guest sequel that I'd love to see on the App Store. Currently though, Trilobyte is focused on Diddly, which they're calling "the ultimate game for trivia mavens."

The plan is to load the game with "extremely clever and witty questions," targeting true trivia buffs who "enjoy wrapping their minds around double entendre, sub-text and subtlety." If all goes as planned, you'll be able to play by yourself, as well as both local and online multiplayer. There's even talk of using the iOS 5 AirPlay functionality to have your TV serve as the main display with players buzzing in via their own iOS devices. Diddly will either be free, or a buck, with additional trivia packs available via in-app purchase.

For more information on Diddly, swing by KickStarter where you can find all kinds of swag if you feel like contributing to the project. Since the game is still in the fundraising process, we probably won't see it for a while, but as a trivia fan I'm totally going to be keeping my eye out for Diddly.

  • James Bond
    • Anonymous

      Who is Ned Flanders? I'll take Potpourri for $600, Alex.

      What do you mean, that's the wrong trivia game?

  • Noah

    So... sort of like YDKJ?

  • valym777

    It comes across as a very boring, slow version of ydkj.  Plus if I had to hear the terrible voice  of who reads the questions one more time, I'd stick an earwig in my ear just to silence the bigger pain that his voice makes