Friends of mine know King of Dragon Pass [$5.99] as "that menu-based simulation game Eli will not shut the heck up about." Well, now it's "that menu-based simulation game Eli will not shut the heck up about that's also on sale." For a limited time, King of Dragon Pass has sworn fealty to a new royal price point in honor of the game's 12th birthday: $5.99, down from $9.99. Now, before you go instinctively mashing the download button in iTunes, you should really know what you're getting into with this game. It's definitely not for everyone, as I mention in our review:

I think the easiest way to describe what the game is all about is to call it a largely text-based menu-driven mash up of a Civilization game and a Choose Your Own Adventure book. If you're the kind of person who requires flashy graphics, fast action, rock-bottom pricing, and online multiplayer, stop reading now. This is not the game for you. If, however, you can barely even fathom a more glorious conglomeration than Civilization and Choose Your Own Adventure, prepare to absolutely lose yourself in King of Dragon Pass. …Read More

In addition, development has started on the iPad version of the game, which is glorious news for iPad-owning fans to the game. In fact, my only real issue with KoDP is that I really wanted to play it on the iPad and text-based games with mega-pixelated fonts running in 2x mode just doesn't jive with me. From the sounds of it, the developers are just starting on work for the iPad adaptation, and haven't yet committed to whether it's going to be a universal update or an entirely separate version… But I've got my fingers crossed.

  • DotComCTO

    Well. It would be great if they would commit one way or the other. I want to play this on my iPad, but as you said, I don't want to play it in 2x mode. If this were confirmed to be universal, I'd buy the game immediately. It's a tiny bit frustrating.

  • Austin Riddle

    Bah, bought this yesterday!  Oh well, great game

  • King of Dragon Pass

    Too early to make promises, we’ve only been developing 2 days (the goal is Universal).

  • Anonymous

    cant really see this selling much. its a niche game as it is, and the small amount of players who will be interested enough to pay and download this i suspect already have the iphone version.

    hopefully its an update for the people who have already paid a decent price for it.

  • David Chang

    I've been waiting for this news. I will buy this for ipad as soon as it comes out!

  • Adam Britton

    Finally took the plunge yesterday, I'm on my 2nd play through... definitely worth it in my book.