The mobile division of Nexon Co. is readying an iOS version of their popular free-to-play online first-person shooter Combat Arms. Known as Combat Arms: Zombies, the title has been developed using Unreal Engine 3 and is based off of the zombie themed cooperative Fireteam Mode from the original game. There aren't many details regarding Combat Arms: Zombies at the moment, but Nexon Mobile hints that they are interested in supporting the game post-release until it almost equals the full scale of the original Combat Arms online game.

I've never played Combat Arms, but this Zombies edition sounds like a cooperative survival mode similar to the popular Call of Duty: Zombies [$4.99/HD] that's been a pretty big hit on iOS the past couple of years. The first trailer for the game looks pretty darn impressive, and although it doesn't appear to show any actual gameplay, it does seem that the entire video was rendered using an in-game engine.

Combat Arms: Zombies will first be unveiled in playable form at the G-Star 2011 expo in South Korea on November 10th. The release date is expected sometime shortly after, though nothing specific has been confirmed. We'll of course be keeping our eye out for Combat Arms: Zombies as it gets closer to release, and bring you any new information or media as we get it.

  • James Bond


  • George James

    woaahhh this will be awesome! Is Anyone from TA going to the G-Star Expo? Gameplay footage asap please! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • George James

    woaahhh this will be awesome! Is Anyone from TA going to the G-Star Expo? Gameplay footage asap please! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Denilson A. Campbell

    they choose to give us a zombie game for the first mobile fps they made. i mean id much rather play Combat arms than CoD

  • Anonymous

    Hopely this provides a good single player eperience...getting tired of the same ol' mediocre crappy Gameloft single player FPS experiences time and time again on iOS. For once I would love a solid single player and multiplayer FPS in one pckage.

  • Jerald Circo

    Actually, the Combat Arms zombie experience was much closer to the Counter-Strike: Source mode of zombies than COD, in where you start with one zombie and he turns everybody else into zombies and the remaining must survive until there is none. IMO FAR more enjoyable than the COD version, however that is the Combat Arms for PC. We'll see about the mobile version.

  • Charles Albert

    Why the hell just those awful zombie ripoff types come to iOS? C'mon, we want the real deal. This zombie thing is becoming a major pain in the ass.

    • Charles Albert

      I've meant knock off, instead of rip off.

  • Kira

    If anyone actually played the Combat Arms Quarantine mode, you'd know that's probably the worse type of zombie game you've ever played. Better yet, if you're familiar with the company Nexon, they have terrible customer service/support, terrible management for their games, and I doubt this new game of theirs for the iOS is getting anywhere near the level of success.

  • P

    It's made by Nexon. Soon you will have zombie hackers that cheat and get away with it. Nexon community is nothing but cheater script kiddies.

  • Devin

    *still waiting for it to be released*

  • Alan Angel Rojas

    So... When is this released?

  • Anonymous

    This is NOT going to be quarantine mode, but FIRETEAM mode, like on Cabin Fever or Black Lung. Also, quarantine mode is the best thing about Combat Arms so F off.