Attention Kairosoft nerds: the studio, fresh off a release of Edo Town earlier this fall, has just dropped a new game on the Japanese App Store. It's called Zaibatsu Towns, and from what we're gathering via a few fantastic translator-types, it's a financial-oriented town-building game not so dissimilar from its last still region-exclusive title. The key difference appears to be the town itself -- it's not as 'traditional' Japanese as Edo Town's.

With the release of this, Kairosoft broke its emerging worldwide release pattern. We're not so sure Edo Town is on the way next, in other words. For all we know, we could be receiving Game Dev Story 2 next, or hey, even this.

One thing for certain, though: I want whatever game is coming. Also, hurry up, Kairosoft. I just finished Grand Prix Story [$3.99 / Lite] for the fourth and final time. What's a man to do with all this new time on his hands?

[Thanks to a for helping us with this, people; you know who you are!]

  • Anonymous

    I love Kairosoft but man I wish they would just hire an english speaking PR rep already. There's so much guesswork involved with this company, but whatever they release I'll buy sight-unseen so I guess if it ain't broke...

  • Paul Hopper

    Everytime these people release a game without a ipad counterpart something inside me gets angry.

    • Joshua Wyatt

      Being old mobile game ports they're barely designed for iPhone let alone the iPad.

  • Anonymous

    Looks awesome. 🙂

    'Zaibatsu' means 'fat cat' (or 'plutocrat', 'nouveau riche', etc.).

    • Jacky Fan

      I'm not sure if you're making a joke or looking in the wrong place for a definition lol.

      Zaibatsu is the Japanese term for family operated conglomerates, a term coined after the meiji period. Highly powerful and often operated a financial institution attached as a holding company, along with different subsidiaries of agriculture, mining, manufacturing etc. Their ownership of banks helped provide capital to fund interests in other economic viable fields.

      Zaibatsu corporations were forcibly dismantled to allow higher government regulation in fear that these corporations grow too powerful during the allied occupation of Japan after WWII. The subsidiary companies were released from parent control of the holding company. For example, Mitsubishi doesn't only sell cars in Japan during WWII, they produced the 'Zero' fighter planes which were subsequently used for those infamous kamikaze attacks.

      In replacement of the zaibatsu post WWII, comes the keiretsu. Which is essentially a zaibatsu corporation without the financial holdings and family attachment.

      • Anonymous


      • Jacky Fan

        Well I'm not sure why you're not interested in what is implicated in these awesome games but I guess ignorance can be bliss.

      • Anonymous

        I like his definition better!

      • Anonymous

        If you look in an actual Japanese dictionary (as I did), instead of just plagiarizing the Wikipedia entry for 'Zaibatsu', you'll see you are incorrect that the definition you gave is the only meaning of the word.

  • Colette Bennett

    Wantttttt. I love every game Kairosoft has put out.

  • Briker Ed

    Although I love every game that they released outside Japan, I'm getting a bit overwhelmed by the quantity. I still haven't unlocked everything that there's to unlock in Game Dev Story, Hot Springs, Pocket Academy, Mega Mall.... and I find myself rushing through them instead of taking the time to play at a slower pace, just cause I know their next one is around the corner. Also, skipping one of their games doesn't seem like an option for me, mostly cause I'm a glutton for cute pixels, so basically, Kairosoft's games come both as a blessing and a curse to me. 

  • Jacky Fan

    I'm personally looking forward to their sushi train restaurant and family restaurant simulators. Too bad they're only for docomo phones atm 🙁

  • jamie oliver aspinall

    Yeah we need more Kairosoft Games here! Publish lots & fast, can't wait.

  • youngjoon

    I've yet to come across a Kairosoft game I didn't like!  Can't wait.

  • mr.damien

    I love my iTunes Japan account 😀