One of the biggest games of the year has its own iOS companion app. Warner Bros. in collaboration with Brady Games just tossed out Batman Arkham City Map App [$2.99] for use with Batman: Arkham City. With it you'll be able to track and collect all the crazy little bits and bobs hidden around Arkham City's open-ish world. It also shows you where stuff is, which should take some of the edge off marking everything in-game.

Earlier this summer I managed to get pretty stoked about Dead Island's map app, which seems to be pretty similar to this one. I just love being able to relegate task manager-type duties to a separate device -- it frees me to hunker down and focus on the big picture by providing a slick conduit to all the side-stuff I can now choose to miss until I'm good and ready to get my collect-a-thon on.

Also, this is totally Batman. Dude would use this if he could.

[Via Destructoid]

  • Anonymous

    No Robin would use it, with headphones on. Batman would slap it out of his hands and yell "PAY ATTENTION"!!

  • Fredrik Jackson

    Did you see the L.A. Noire app too?

  • Michael Klopf

    3$? That's an insane price for something not that useful.

    • Eli Hodapp

      Well, consider the full game costs $60, which is an entirely different sense of scale compared to 99¢ iOS games.