Rockstar is continuing its celebration of Grand Theft Auto 3's ten-year anniversary with a new trailer that thanks the game's fans and reminds them of the good times spent in its open-world city. I don't know how it'll hit you, but it kinda freaks me out because (a) I don't want to be so old and (b) a lot of what it does is still the foundation of what's being done now in non-fantasy open-world games. Think about it, man. It's living, breathing history.

Awesomely enough, we'll get to re-experience it all over again. Undoubtedly, you're aware that a touch version of GTA3 is in the works and will debut on top-tier tablets and phones in 2011 and will subsequently be released on other handhelds down the road. The footage in the video above is not from this version, by the way.

Knowing what we know of the Rockstar PR cycle, don't be too surprised if GTA3 pops up sooner than later. I'm not exactly sold that touch controls will make it a better game, but I can't wait to give it a try -- after I pop a few aspirin. Arthritis!

  • Charles Albert

    An epic, unforgettable classic, that redefined gaming. Thank you Rockstar 🙂

    • Anonymous

      funny, i was just going to say the same thing, about the time that gaming started turning to crap.

  • Tim Cant

    Regarding the touch controls: I will almost certainly throw my phone through a window while playing this

    • Mike

      You and your stupid window deserve it then.

  • Anonymous

    I remember playing this and shooting a gun the 1st time, hearing the screams for mercy and watching people panic and scatter. great game.

    i fear also the touch controls, but if the cam is the same angle as it is and not like gta chintown wars on ipad , it should be ok. the main problem with china town wars for me wasnt the touch controls, it was that the car drove about 400 mph and you could only see 10 metres down the road. it was garbage. worst gta ever.

    • Michael Matzat

      Your worst GTA ever build on the GTA 1, GTA 2 and GTA London mechanics....

      • Charles Albert

        Not quite. All the GTAs before III were done using a top down camera, CW used a isometric camera - that made everything way more difficult.

      • Anonymous

        No they had different camera angles. they were ok. very playable.

    • Guillaume Delarue

      Yeah, I never understood why so many people put great review of Chinatown wars. For me, apart from the story, it was utter crap, totally unplayable and very frustrating. So I spent all my GTA time playing badly written rip-offs like Gangstar. Can't wait for the real deal 🙂

      • Michael Klopf

        What the hell? I played it from front to back and it's controls are decent. Driving works fine. Maybe I played the first two parts too much.

  • Dan Leightley

    Rock Star keep it up again, nice work guys! Always fan, and will ever be

  • Vladimir Kotelnikov

    O mio Babbino caro! Great game.

  • Anonymous

    This game made me realize how many of my friends were repressed psychopaths. Baseball bat + strangers.... Weird. Though I guess me wanting to drive like a manic is equally anti-social.

  • Jason Mannello

    why does this require top tier phones. it's a 10 year old game with ancient graphics. we have the unreal engine on our phones now... and aside from that gangstar has worked just fine since the original iphones processor and it's probably better than this....

    • Anonymous

      Because you don't know anything about game engines,hardware,and how games truly work?

  • Adam Prokopchuk

    Honestly one of my favorites of all time.. So many memories and so many countless hours/days played.. This can't be released soon enough!