This week’s episode of The TouchArcade Show is an awesome one because it sees the return of The Bearded One, Jared Nelson, after his Grand European Adventure. At the top, we talk about the sights, sounds, and tastes of Mordor, Germany, Paris and other exotic places. Somehow, we find the time to talk about games later on, but when we do, we cover a lot of bases. Topics include the next iPhone, the latest video game releases, Kindle Fire, and your e-mails.

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Here are your show notes. We’ll be back this Monday with another awesome bonus episode, and of course, this coming Friday with another regularly scheduled show. Send us an e-mail while you wait, by the way:


  • Catculator [$.99]

Eli Note: This is the European pizza bag technology I mentioned.

  • Michael

    Haha, i´ll not go to europe because there arrent gyms. From someone in the most obese country in the world, hahahahaha. 😀

    • Eli Hodapp

      Brad lives a very strange existence.

    • Purdyethan

      Who notices/looks for gyms while on a vacation?

      • Brad Nicholson

        Gyms are what I live for.

  • Childish Chris

    Where is the pic of the pizza bag 🙁

  • Jcman7

    Welcome back Jared!!!! Hope you had a good time. Going to listen to the podcast soon

  • Anonymous

    Shadowgun is okay, but I've heard multiplayer will be coming soon, no ETA yet. Sorry I couldnt link you guys an article, I'm on my iPod touch and it would be difficult to find the article I was talking about.

  • nick>

    "Math Can Be Fun Now." - Animal Planet

    Thanks Catculator!

  • Flash G.

    If you want to have an idea of the Eiffel tower illegal sellers :