A few weeks ago we brought you word that WayForward, the studio behind a brilliant A Boy And His Blob re-make as well as a new (and good) BloodRayne title, is setting its sights on the iPhone and iPad with a port of Shantae: Risky’s Revenge. Now, we have the its first trailer and we thought it’d be hip to share it with you because we’re cool.

As you’ll see in the trailer, Risky’s Revenge is an action-y platformer. Generally, the more kinetic the game the more its mobile port suffers, but WayForward has done a miraculous job on the virtual controls -- the game moves like it should and plays how it was designed to be played in the first place. Sounds strong, I know, but our preview build communicates that the studio knows what it’s doing here.

We still don’t have a solid release date, but the window continues to be “soon.” We’ll make sure fill you in whenever we know what’s up.

  • Gobeatty

    Wow!  Looks awesome!!!

  • Robotron

    iCade support?

    iControlpad support?

  • Doctorossi

    If the controls are good, I'm definitely in.

  • Rococoman

    So, I have this game on DSiware, and... it's OK. In fact, it's better than OK - the animation is great, the music is good, and some of the characters have some really side-splitting one-liners. Beyond that, though, I just don't get what makes everyone rave and rave about this game.

    The physics are super-simple, with little to no flourishes, meaning that the platforming never gets more complex than a Nintendo Megaman game. The "castles" are pretty straightforward, and the animal transformations are really just jazzed-up Metroid powerups (get through this space with your morphball or monkey move). Also, while I can't complain to much about the length - its a good 6 hours - it ends rather abruptly. With the characters being so fleshed out early on, you get the feeling that this game was rushed out the door. Lastly, the "voluptuous" female character designs get to be a bit much -  there's more bouncing and cleavage in this game than in DOA volleyball.

    Now, these are my impressions from the game's release a year ago, and I get the feeling that the spit-polish of Way-Forward will not be limited to the controls. I just don't understand why everyone seems to be nuts about this game; its pretty, but its as formulaic as you could possibly get. On the app store (and CERTAINLY the DSiware store), you could do far worse than Shantae... I just wish that the developers spent some of the effort evident in the awesome animation on some innovative gameplay.

  • XOdus

    ::sigh:: I hope this doesn't turn into another Final Fantasy Tactics... It seems like the "DIYer" developers get their games/updates out before the studios do. Here's to hoping for Risky's Revenge to release "soon" for iOS, indeed.

  • Marl0

    I have this game on my DSi (and the original on my Gameboy Color as well), and it is absolutely phenomenal. One of the best Metroidvania games in recent years.

    • Adam

      Then you haven't played many of them. It's vacuous compared to the Metroid games and it can't touch the recent Castlevania titles. Even Cave Story, a game made by 1 person, has more depth and fun than this bad game.

      It's sad you've wasted your money already.

      • Real Hero

        He likes the game, and bought the game to play it legally. So how come he wasted his money?

        People like you mocking others' taste disgust me the most.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like an uninspired platformer, and I love platformers. Colour me unimpressed at this stage.

  • Adam

    I don't know if any of you have played the DS version. I played a pirated version because I wanted to demo it. It was awful. If you've grown up on Metroid or Castlevania titles then this won't suffice. It's shallow, boring and you can't polish a turd - lord knows they tried. I gave up after 30 minutes. Not fun. The worst part is you can get so many great Metroid and Castlevania style games on the App Store for super cheap.

    Avoid at all costs.

  • Pitch_Blak

    I agree that this doesn't have near the depth of the Metroid and Castlevania games, but it's still a colourful, charming, and overall fun game.

    • Anonymous

      I think appeal of this game is that it's colorful and cartoony rather than being darkly serious and vaguely generic like Castlevania and Metroid. Castlevania is just uninteresting to me; it takes place in a bunch of dank castles and it features a cast of unbearable, endlessly droning gothic anime people and overdrawn vampire monsters. There's more to those games, but they are so visually and tonally boring to me that I have a hard time maintaining interest in them. 

      It wouldn't be so bad if "dark and edgy" hadn't taken over and utterly consumed all of gaming for the past 5 years, but at this point substantiated fanciful games like Shantae are exceedingly rare. If it has colorful, charming graphics nowadays it's always a minigame of some sort, not an actual action adventure game like this.