If you're not already familiar with Mobigame, that's one problem we're going to fix for you right now. They're likely best known for the Edge series of games, and right now you can own their entire catalog for less than the price of a single Subway foot long. Anyway, you can feel safe blindly mashing the "BUY" button on all of these games, especially the free ones:

Edge, $2.99 - Infamous for the drama caused with trademark troll Tim Langdell, Edge spent most of its early life bobbing on and off the App Store as Mobigame and Langdell duked it out. Whenever Edge popped back onto the App Store it'd shoot up the charts from all the people waiting to snag this fantastic isometric puzzle platformer.

EDGE Extended, $2.99 - Half sequel, half expansion pack, Edge Extended takes everything that was great about the original Edge and kicks it up a notch. I'd start with the original Edge first, as the improvements made in Extended make the first installment feel old and busted, comparatively.

Perfect Cell, $1.99 - I feel like Perfect Cell is the secret love child of Chair Entertainment's absolutely fabulous Xbox Live Arcade title Shadow Complex combined with aliens and gesture controls that really shine on iOS devices. The game can be played covertly using stealth, or you can turn the entire compound into a total bloodbath completing the game by force. (Or a mixture of the two.)

Cross Fingers, Free - Tangram puzzles have been done to death on the App Store, but Mobigame manages to make Cross Fingers feel new (and dare I say, exciting?) through clever puzzle design, great graphics, and an incredibly challenging arcade mode.

Truckers Delight, Free - This game is based on the first segment of the entirely ridiculous and potentially not-work-safe video Truckers Delight. Originally there were plans for episodic games based on the rest of the video, but I'm guessing the Apple approval process got in the way of that.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5FLRQI2X2LU3IHMCG7HEAEFD5I Cat Astrophy

    Strongly support EDGE (and the sequel). Those guys worked really hard to get it back up on the app store after some frothing morons tried to sue them on a super generic word.

  • Qwiboo

    EDGE is still one of my most favourite games on iPhone, definitely must buy!

  • cobbyco

    Note: EDGE was updated yesterday with the 3D engine, ghost mode, Game Center sync and other things from Extended. It feels great now!

  • spidey

    nice update to edge.... Edge Ex is awesome. And Perfect Cell is an under-rated beauty. I am playing it currently... and the rampage technique and the stealth technique are both completely different styles. The level of polish on each of the games by these folks is phenomenal. 

  • ninjaceo

    Perfect Cell looks really cool!

    Just bought it.

  • Anonymous

    perfect cell is so awesome