So here we are, a couple of days out from Square Enix’s recent Tokyo Games Show press event and we’re still scratching our heads about an announcement it made. Cutting to the chase, it seems as though the publisher has confirmed that Chrono Trigger will be indeed be making its way to Android and iOS, just as it seemed to suggest it would via a teaser page from forever ago.

That’s huge news considering how well-loved, how fun, and how well designed of this game is, but the translations and breakdowns of the event we’ve read are seem to be missing bits of information. With this in mind, we’re actively being cautious about this announcement, as Square could have easily just announced a normal mobile version of the game. We’re still working on trying to get some stone-cold confirmation, so stay tuned on this one.

As an aside here, one little interesting tidbit that’s still emerging from this conference is the Square Enix Market, a portable “store” for all of Square Enix’s mobile games on Android. As of now, it appears it’s strictly tied to Japanese carriers, so don’t get too hyped up if you live elsewhere in the world. I'm going to go ahead and tease you with this though: apparently, games like Final Fantasy I and IIChaos Rings and Crystal Defenders are all slated to arrive via this portal.

Anyway, supposing that Chrono Trigger is actually coming to smartphones -- how cool is that?

[Via G4, IGN, Shacknews, Dengeki - Images via Giant Bomb]

  • Briker Ed

    Sure Chrono Trigger is great and all, but what about Chrono Cross? Never any love for it 🙁

    • Alex

      I agree.  Chrono Trigger was BORING and the graphics suck.  Now Chrono Cross had an engaging story, multiple endings, great graphics, and awesome gameplay.  We know the iPhone is capable of PS1 graphics (and a PS1 emu on jailbreak runs FFIX very well) so why can't Sony do it?  Well it's because Sony can't do anything right.  That's why their revenues have consistently dropped over the past few years and they can't sell ice to an eskimo.  Good job Sony, don't give people what they want, give them what you want.  Losers.

      • ReVeLaTeD

        You're nuts.  Chrono Trigger is on record as one of the best ever made.  Chrono Cross did well in the story department, but it couldn't touch Trigger in the gameplay department, for the time.

        My only concern now is that these games are simply diversions, such that the developers are not pressed to make new, good franchises.

      • Alex

        What record is that exactly?  I can name a dozen better games in all aspects.  You might as well say Final Fantasy 1 was the best game ever made.

      • Swampthing

        Try GameRankings:

        Overall Rank: 25

        SNES Rank: 2

        1995 Games Rank: 1

        1995 SNES Rank: 1

      • Deed

        I hope you're trolling.

      • Anonymous

        I got Chrono Trigger upon US release back in '95 (or maybe '96?). Loved it. Best game ever, played until I got every ending. Got the PS1 re-issue a few years later and hated the load times. PS2 slightly sped them up. Let a friend borrow it to play for first time in about '07 and he was bored to tears.

        I got the DS version and I have to admit I was a little bored. Something changed. It sat around collecting dust for about a year before I finally finished it and got the extras to see the new Chrono Cross-tie in ending.

        I will definitely get an iOS version of the game just because, but if somebody is bored of it I can understand. The title is in need of a new translation for one, even the DS version was the Woolsey translation for the most part. The visuals are okay, but the tile-based backgrounds look dated. I would hope for a slight graphical update like iOS SoM received but I bet it would just be the DS version upscaled (no retina). I've also played the game like 200x too so maybe I'm just tired of it. I would imagine the storyline would still be excellent if I never played it. Chrono Cross was a black sheep but it aged a lot better and is the superior overall game from a purely gameplay stand point. CT requires little strategy other than pressing the action (or 'A' on the SNES/DS)  button much like Sonic where you press right

      • Nick

        It's an interesting point. I mean, we all change our tastes to a significant degree.

        Some things will stick. I'll always love Labyrinth, Fraggle Rock, You Can't Do That on Television, Wayne's World (1 and 2, all you haters can suck it) and others.

        But watching sesame street, and almost any early 90's Dana Carvey movie (Blank Slate I'm looking at you.) among others don't hold up. I don't think my nostalgia would hold up under some games. However it seems games can transcend generations almost more than any medium.

        But Yes, some RPG games are finicky. That said, the game before this, I think RIGHT before this, Final Fantasy III (6 in JP) was then, is now, and will always shine as a monumental achievement in video gaming. I have repurchased it many times and continue to love it more and more. It is stellar to play on my GBA micro (which has the most amazing display, especially when you get it on clearance ;))

        My point, which has gotten lost in my ramblings, is that I don't feel that games like this have lost that much in their years.

        But I think your feelings of the game trailing off slightly is very much out of the realm of how most people experience games, so you being bored might translate into the standard individual feeling only mildly elated upon replay 😉

      • Tony Brown

        "The graphics suck" is the worst possible, most juvenile excuse for why a game is bad. It shows your age.

      • Nick

        Amen, Tony.

        Unless you're talking about Adventure. Those graphics sucked. Zork was a thousand times better.

      • Jaren613

        Porting Chrono Trigger or Cross has what to do with Sony again?  Oh ya, nothing.  Sounds like somebody is mad and can't figure out why.

      • Anonymous

        You're either a great troll or a terrible gamer.

      • Nick

        As many have said, your Sony talk is backwards. This has nothing to do with Sony. Nothing at all. So let's just take that out.

        As for CT, it was never my favorite, but that was just because I never got into it at the time. In retrospect, it was a brilliant game worthy of all of its praise. It is one of the best out there.

        But you are entitled to your opinion, next time just try not sounding so... Well, insert whatever acronym you feel best here.

  • Stinker

    you can already play chrono trigger on ur phone.  jailbreak + emulator.

    • Briker Ed

      Not really what I was aiming at. I'd much more prefer a touched-up version, like SE's been doing with some of their other titles. And I'm probably the only one left not willing to jb my phone anyways

    • Cat Astrophy

      @Briker LOLOLOL touched up? FFT on iOS is shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. I get better framerate with the jb PSX emu.

      • Briker Ed

        Yeah, touched up. I didn't say SE is incapable of messing things up when porting/touching-up/remaking etc. I just hope that they wouldn't, if they ever brought Chrono Cross to iOS. Who's to say they won't wreck it with Chrono Trigger? But hey, if they do, you can play the PSX version as well if you already haven't. 

    • Brian Durden

      Or get an Android phone where you don't need a jailbreak at all 🙂  I had FFT running on my Droid 1 pretty well plus Xenogears (much better on a tablet of course)

      • Cat Astrophy

         Depends on carrier

  • Rusty Moyher

    This is awesome. I'll cross my fingers and hope for a solid port.

  • Misty Jugs

    expect to see this game in 2013

    • Chris Overbee

      For 20 bucks.

  • Will Buckingham

    Hrm. Well, I guess I'll cross my fingers that this is real and that the port doesn't turn out as buggy as the Tactics one.

  • Asd

    Why square hasnt ported their entire catalog by now really confuses me. It's like these companies hate money or something. Take advantage of the boom in the mobile market before it begins to subside you morons!

    • Phil Baxter

      It's not going to subside, it's just going to grow and grow. The failure of the 3DS shows the dedicated handheld market is on it's last legs now.

      • Anonymous

        Yep. Vita is not going to do any better than 3DS. Nintendo's handheld success has been unmatched until the arrival of the smart phone as a gaming device. Obviously the phone has a ways to go but it will get there. The Vita's early lineup of non-enhanced up-res'd ports proves that it will be even more of a niche product than the 3DS. The new Monster Hunter also appears to be exclusive to 3DS, at least for now. 3DS will most likely be Nintendo's last handheld. Vita is DOA

      • theRPGNOOB

            I disagree, the Vita has a much stronger lineup then the 3DS. Killzone,Uncharted,God of war,Resistence, Little big planet, UMVC3,COD Black ops(if you think its a good game),Great little war game, BF3 and more. Not to mention that the Vita is as powerful as the PS3! Not to mention the fact that it has tons of support from hardcore gamers! If you think that the Iphone will take over the market, then you sir have a serious case of Apple fanboyism.  

      • Cat Astrophy

         The Vita has already been seen to have even worse battery life than the 3GS and a launch library of ports will not save it. The DS did well because of the ORIGINALS. The only original handheld titles I can find anymore are on iOS.

      • theRPGNOOB

         I would like to mention that all of these games are spinoffs not ports. Besides the Vita has a ton of sony only games. Not to mention that sony has shown a lot of support for 3rd party developers. Carry on your childish apple fanboy rage. And before you call me a sony fanboy, I think the Iphone kicks the PSP's ass.

      • Nick

        The Vita has no video out, 3-5 hour non-removable battery life and games that will cost A premium, a device that costs between $250 - $300...

        No, the vita is not going to take the market by storm.

        It may be fantastic and have the most stellar games, but this (plus the 3DS) have battery lives that almost force them to be tied to a wall charger, or car charger. I have a DS for my kids because of the significant battery life.

        When I have to choose for my kids between a platform where games can be had for around $3 versus one that puts prices at 30ish? I'm hard pressed to do so.

        That said, back to the point, the vita is expensive. The games are expensive. The battery life is horrid. There's no ability to replace the battery. There's no video out. It's a non portable portable.

        No amount of awesome games can sell people, these days, on a price that will buy them a ps3. Or a 360 and a wii.

        I'll happily eat my words, because damn it I would love a vita, however this economy is not right. There's a reason. This console generation has lasted SO LONG. it's not just because these consoles are that good.

      • theRPGNOOB

         The vita is targeted at the 13-22 year old gamers. This is not supposed to be family-friendly cost effective console like the DS. But it was nice talking to someone on here thats not a raging Apple fanboy.

  • Anthony Marsh

    Best game on the pent on iOS? YES PLEASE. Here's to hoping they give it the same treatment ffiii got. Not Likely as that was a port of an earlier re-release but i can dream...

  • theRPGNOOB

    Oh boy I cant wait to play a overpriced buggy port of a classic game by Square Enix! 

    • Michael A. Robson

      *boots up SNES9X...

    • ReVeLaTeD

      Squaresoft.  Let's be politically correct here.  Back then, Enix wasn't doing jack in the US.  Oh wait, the bucket of sucket that was 7th Saga, sorry.

  • theRPGNOOB

    Do you know what I would like? If Bethesda got off there lazy asses and ported Fallout 3 to the Ipad 2.

    • Anonymous

      I would like that too. Except it's not possible. CPU-wise the iPad2 is capable of running it, but not GPU-wise. 

      The current 543MP2 PowerVR GPU in the iPad2 is capable of high-resolution games that look really nice with lots of effects and shaders for sure. Kinda console-like. It also has a lot of RAM

      The problem is the fillrate and polygon count. The effects and shaders can 'hide' these things, but a game like Fallout 3 would require a major overhaul (all 3D models would have to be rendered with less polys) to work on the iPa 2. Believe it or not, the Wii with its decade-old GPU may be lacking in the modern programmable shader department, is capable of games with much larger environments. This is because the Wii's GPU has a slightly higher poly count and fillrate. It can get away with this even with a lot less RAM because it renders in 640x480 (or less sometimes). Performance is lessened on iPhone4/iPad2 rendering in the higher resolution (retina 1024x768). This also uses more RAM. The idevices also have an overhead and apps do not have direct hardware access, otherwise it would be no contest. Still wouldn't be able to run FO3 though.

      • theRPGNOOB

        Well, how come the iPad 2 can run Shadowgun at 60 Frames per second? And besides they can always tone down the lighting or textures, or the render distance.

      • theRPGNOOB

        But thanks for responding and explaining that to me. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Considering I've never been a huge JRPG fan, in fact, I loathe their linear nature (except for Parasite Eve, I loved that.) I remain hugely surprised at Square Enix's releases and the pricing. They always price hugely above the normal premium. (I'm sure Chaos Rings was great. But as I've never played. no way was I going to shell out that much for a 'maybe I'll dig this'.

    So now they are releasing a game that looks like it would run on a Gameboy Advance, looks like Zelda, and I'm guessing they'll charge a premium price... How much will they charge for Final Fantasy 1? Capcom just launched Final Fight for 69p. I'd bet you SE launch FF1 for at least £2.99. Cause they know SE fans will eat it up.

    Colour me, unexcited?

    • Rgfangmunroe

      Pricing aside, companies have flooded the app store with "Retro-inspired" RPGs that are about as good as, say, the second Dragon Warrior/Quest... and people eat them up. Chrono Trigger is the pinnacle of its era (late-end SNES title), had the best production values of its time, and would be pretty much better than any RPG of its type on the app store. I suppose Crimson Gem Saga and the upcoming Lunar port would be close runners up. Point is, while we can argue pricing and the value of porting and porting and remaking and porting the remake all we want... as a straight new entry to this service it is HIGHLY competitive with other similar titles. Unless 3D polygons from the PSX era are your favorite form of retro, I'd say that Chrono Trigger beats Chaos Rings hands down.

      And I love Chaos Rings.

      CT has a much longer and far less linear campaign, And an arguably more imaginative cast and fun battle system. Chaos Rings is good, but it is repetitive and fairly "by the numbers" to me.

  • KyleSteakfriesNbeckers@theMall

    OMG *___* I LURVE MEH SUM Chrono Trigger! Bring it on.

  • Zon

    It'll likely be as equally, if not more so, disappointing as SE's other ports.

  • wohdin

    I've played CT at least 15 times, and to be honest, I'll probably still buy this. I instantly go into TAKE ALL MY MONEY SQEX mode at anything Chrono-related, so yeah, I'll be looking to drop dollaz for this. And honestly, I'll probably shove this down the throats of my friends, too, just because this game is too god-tier to allow a single human being to exist in this universe without having played it.

  • Chris Overbee

    The question is, how much worse will this be than FFT was?  Also, will the DS version's additions be in it?

    • Niels Kobschätzki

      Chrono Trigger is an SNES-game and it's already running on Japanese "feature" phones (I wouldn't really call those feature phones but they are not smart phones either).
      I guess it would be on par with Secret of Mana - don't forget that FFT was a PSX/PSP-port.

      • Michael A. Robson

        Which is a bad bad bad sign. i can't wrap my mind around why these last last last gen ports are damn bad, then I realized: emulation.

        Square is of course, building emulators to run SNES/PSX games on modern platforms, so when you're playing FFT, you're running an EMU in the background.. likely the same EMU that's going to run FF7 (if that ever sees the light of day). 

        I'm just throwing it out there, does anyone agree the reason these OLD games are so damn poor on my very powerful iDevice is actually because of emulation? Is it a fair assumption? 

      • Cat Astrophy

        haha their emulators are worse than the indie ones already out there...pretty sad

  • Niels Kobschätzki

    As I said in another comment - ChronoTrigger was only announced for Android in the main press conference. Dengeki also writes that it is only announced for Android.
    Only on some English sites there's suddenly popping up that it is announced for iOS but no one cites/links a source for that.

  • Alneadii

    WTF!!!! I'm a really in love with all chronos and I'm very angry at square cause its not making any sequel thats suck but! Everytime we trying to forget chrono it's bring it on a new consol f*** you square if u care that much for chrono then stop doing shit games and do new chrono!!!!

  • Phil Baxter

    Great game but Square's iOS record is frankly abysmal. They're totally incapable of getting anything running at a good frame rate. Even 30fps seems completely beyond their reach.

    They'll also charge way over the odds for it no doubt.

    • theRPGNOOB

      At least there record is not as bad as EAs record. Remember bad company 2 and Madden NFL12. They both suck!

  • Anonymous

    Even if it does come, we can safely assume the following:

    1. It will be a terrible port.

    2. The controls will be broken.

    3. It will cost about 30 dollars.

    • Macaroon

      Certainly, if FFT is anything to go by! I wonder which intern they are going to ask to hash it together this time...

  • P Allen

    I could happily wipe the rest of my games and just play this one. I really think this is the most all round perfect game ever made. It's a safe bet I'll pay whatever Square charges this time round.

  • joseph johnson

    I played Chrono Trigger again a couple of months ago and it was as good as I remember. I wouldn't mind buying this for Android as long as the price is right. I think Final Fantasy Tactics (the first one, not those mixed bag ones that came out for Game Boy) would be awesome to play on the go!

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