Developer Fractiv just introduced a new mechanic and a new character in a free and fresh update to its arcade racing game Lane Splitter [$.99]. New version 2.0 -- which the studio says is the game’s most comprehensive update yet -- adds Ricky, a character “who looks cooler than you because of his sweet [blue] chopper. Also, police. Yep! For the first time ever, you’ll be asked to avoid the long arm of the law as you switch lanes to and fro at silly speeds. From our tests thus far, escaping the police seems to simply boil down to "just keep driving fast," a conceit that jives with the whole game.

New animations, tweaks, and optimizations are also a part of the  free update. Interestingly, the studio has also added four more characters, but only as IAP. You can grab them one a piece for $.99 or in a bundle for $1.99. The latter is an introductory price for the moment.

Lane Splitter is stupid fun and we certainly got into it earlier this March. If you’d like to learn a little bit more about the crotch-rocketry that fuels this game, you should definitely give our review a read.

  • Tim Lord Gek Jordan

    Something I don't think the article made clear is that these new IAP unlockable characters in the game aren't simply window dressing but sort of like alternative game modes!  The Prom Queen get to take jumps off ramps, Big Mike can apply brakes as well as snag fries offered to him from the passing motorists, etc.  Basically each character allows unique twists to the basic gameplay formula.

  • 峙緯 李

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