Love it or hate it, Mountain Sheep's Minigore [99¢ / HD] has left an undeniable mark in TouchArcade forum history. The thread in our upcoming games forum is still among the most popular threads of all time, and as Minigore's cult status grew, the pre-release excitement reached never before seen levels. It's even spawned some potentially cringe-worthy memes such as the "Minigore dog" to the right here. Whether a fairly simple, although admittedly dripping with character, dual stick shooter actually lived up to the "pre-launch hype" was debated for years after the game was initially released-- And likely still will be debated in the comments of this very article.

After a series of updates and a iPad version, Mountain Sheep announced the upcoming Minigore Zombies earlier today. Details are vague, and the only hints come from developer Timo Vihola's thread on our forums.

The features mentioned so far include tons of zombies, and even 15 zombie bosses. Enemies will be a little smarter, with attack patterns. In addition to more firepower and pickups, objects not have collision detection so you can do things like bounce grenades off walls. It'll launch as a universal app, and Egoraptor is even making a return for more voice work.

Also, curiously enough, the teaser image specifically makes mention that Minigore Zombies is for iOS 5. Equip your tin foil hat and this could mean a few different things: First off, they could just be targeting iOS 5 because it potentially means better graphics since they don't need to worry about older devices. Alternatively, Mountain Sheep could be using some cool iOS 5 specific features, with some kind of next-generation Game Center integration seeming the most likely if that's the case.

What will actually be included? Well, we'll just have to wait and see.

  • Anonymous

    [hater post] This game ran it's course a few weeks after it's initial release.  It's great they're still supporting it but wow, same old same old.

  • UmbraVir

    Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I don't feel as ecstatic now that it's been like, what... a whole year? Two years? 

  • Anonymous

    Off topic a bit now. What happened to ”Hardgore"?

  • Jerry

    [Minigore Supporter] This game is so fucking awesome I recommend it to everybody, this is the most fun app in the app store, the last update was in 11/03/2011 but nothing happened to me for waiting for this update! I mean I took care of my stuff minigore is not my life LoL, it looks pretty bad ass, you just can expect quality from minigore, the game experience feels great, keep like that timo great work ;D

  • Anonymous

    I gave up on minigore a long time ago. It's nice to see they are still supporting it, but in my opinion even after this update the game will still be a massive disappointment compared to the prerelease hype.

  • Deric

    "Well, we'll just have to WAIT and see" oh LAWD, here we go again.

  • Tom - mooedia

    I still play on this every now and then, great little game. It is pure quality. Good to see theres more around the corner. Come on iOS 5!

  • Blueknight1st

    I gave up on these ass clowns when they decided to make the multiplayer a required update that you had to pay for. And if you didn't pay for it then you were locked out of all future free updates. Shady business practice if you ask me. Not only that but in the several years the game was in the store not once did they add a new map.

  • Melvin Yeo

    Why is everyone making ZOMBIE GAMES ??? BORINGGG

  • Aa

    So they started making this during last the stupid zombie craze over a year ago because every dev thought ZOMBIES=MONEY, but they're a bit late to the party. People are sick of zombies now. It's been done. To death.

    • MikeB

      Zombies have been done. Yes. But ive been in love with zombie games since resident evil directors cut..if you even know what that is. Zombies are like the black in fassion. They will NEVER go out of style. Just because youre bored doesnt mean zombies are...remember, there are no boring things; just boring my friend, are most likely a boring person

  • drew

    What would be awesome is if Mountain Sheep would stop working on Ice Rage, stop working on Bike Baron and work on this. There is no more NEW news about this game and there hasn't been since the 13th of December. I wish they would just release what they promised two years ago already.