Back in the Summer of 2009, Flight Control [99¢/Lite/HD] had just sparked off the line drawing craze in the App Store. But before the market was completely flooded with “me too” clones that brought nothing new to the formula, Imangi Studios had released Harbor Master [Free/HD], a line drawing game very similar to Flight Control but with its own unique twists.

Obviously, the premise in Harbor Master differed by having the player direct boats into docks rather than planes onto landing strips, but it went a bit deeper than that. Boats that were destined for particular docks came in various sizes and speeds, and you’d need to wait for the ship to unload its cargo before directing it out of the dock to make room for a new ship. This small change added a whole new level of strategy and frantic gameplay, and Harbor Master has remained a favorite in the line drawing genre around the TouchArcade headquarters since its release.

Over the past couple of years, Harbor Master has received a good amount of update love from the developers, adding in Retina Display graphics, a separate iPad version, Game Center integration, and a novel rewind feature that let you back things up if you made a mistake.

Now, for the first time ever, the price of Harbor Master has dropped to free for the day. If you’ve somehow managed never to pick up the title yet, now is your chance to jump on it for zero dollars. There’s also the iPad version Harbor Master HD which has always been initially free and is supported with additional premium features through in-app purchase. No matter which version you end up with, make sure not to miss out on one of the best line drawing games in the App Store during this limited free promotion of Harbor Master.

  • admo

    I really don't think this is the first time it has been free. I own it and am positive I didn't buy it. A quick check of AppShopper shows it hasn't been free, but I really think that is a mistake.

    • MattRix

      That was probably the iPad version, Harbor Master HD

  • tirolercast

    I "bought" it on 10/04/04 for free - so it is not the first time

    • mp99

      That's what i was going to say...i bought it for free too back on 

      Receipt Date: 04/21/10

      how is this first time ever  🙂

      • Kshep

        I'm willing to bet that receipt is for Harbor Master HD, the iPad only version of Harbor Master, which came out around that time.

  • Andy Raczynski

    yeah, the owners need to spend a bit more time on, that site needs a lot of love still.  like an ignore list so i don't have to see updates/notifications/etc on games that I don't ever want to bother with after the first time.  granted, with all the apps out there, storing each users ignore list would probably be more space consuming than a want list, even the bought/own list.

  • Shamu

    this was free already i think, could be mistaken though.

  • Shamu

    this was free already i think, could be mistaken though.

  • Kshep

    Hey guys, Keith from Imangi here.  This is definitely the first time Harbor Master has been free.  However, we have given out promo codes and done a big giveaway using App Store gifting before. So if you got a free copy, maybe that's how.  Enjoy the game! 

    • Ahiru Nakamura

      i got it for free too but not from gift/promo codes, maybe it was an app store unauthorized price drop back then???

    • mp99

      oddly enough....i've never redeemed coupons and have a receipt from apple showing it was free on Receipt Date: 04/21/10

      • Kshep

        That's when Harbor Master HD (the iPad only game) was released.  Are you sure the receipt isn't for that? The iPad version has always been free (with IAP), but the iPhone version has always been paid (with no iap). 

      • John

         I don't have (or want) an iPad and I have it free on my iPhone.

      • John

        Oops... I have a FREE version (as in demo)

  • yanhua wu


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