Back in May, we were quite taken with the crazy trailer for Techno Kitten Adventure [Free], mostly due to it featuring a large man in a horrible cat suit. Techno Kitten Adventure was released last year as an Xbox Live Indie Game, and has a pretty dedicated following. Developer Elite Gudz was in the process of revamping the entire game with shiny new graphics and playable kittens, as well as bringing it on over to the iOS platform.

A couple of weeks later, Techno Kitten Adventure did launch in the App Store, and got a solid stamp of approval from yours truly during our podcast that following week. In fact, that was the first inklings of the now world famous Jared’s Kitty Korner portion of our podcast, which makes Techno Kitten Adventure somewhat historically significant.

Then about a month after that, an update was released for Techno Kitten Adventure that added the internet’s most famous feline the Nyan Cat as a playable character. Sadly, the powers that be who control everything Nyan Cat related didn’t take too kindly to this addition to the game, and shortly thereafter Nyan Cat was removed and replaced with a parody cat that flies backwards and barfs a stream of rainbows. That’s a pretty fair trade in my book, to be honest.

Now another brand new update for Techno Kitten Adventure has landed and it adds in another one of the internet’s favorite obsessions: bacon. Or less specifically, meat in general. The new Meat Pack comes completely free and offers a brand new song, a new extremely meat themed level, and 3 new playable cats made from various types of meat. It’s a lot of meat to be sure, but I know for a fact that’s just how Brad Nicholson likes it.

Also, the entire gist of Techno Kitten Adventure is to test your ability to play a cave flyer game with as many obnoxious visual distractions as humanly possible constantly flying in your face. The new meat level takes this to beyond the extreme. Not only is there crazy meat stuffs flying all over the screen at all times, but the entire screen itself is prone to zooming, shaking, and even flipping horizontally so you’re all of a sudden moving in the opposite direction. Basically, if you’re prone to nausea or vomiting, the meat level might test your will.

When it comes down to the actual gameplay, Techno Kitten Adventure is about as basic as a cave flyer can be. Jetpack Joyride [99¢] this is not. But, when you factor in the absolutely bizarre and elating sights and sounds, it’s a hard game not to enjoy. Techno Kitten Adventure is my immediate go to game when I know I need a smile or I want to get an annoying dance song stuck in my head. Also, kittens. Who doesn’t love kittens, am I right?

Since the game is initially a free score limited version with the ability to upgrade from within the app (and for a limited time the new Meat Pack is free for all, with no restrictions, even if you haven't upgraded to a paid theme pack), the best way to see if Techno Kitten Adventure is the right game for you is just to download it and see, or stop by our forums for more player impressions.

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