Like EA, Namco is missing out on the brilliant opportunity to hack and slash at the prices of its App Store games in time with the impending Labor Day weekend. Until the end of this very, very important and glorious holiday window, the studio is offering multitudes of its titles for fairly generous price points. The Pac-Man franchise in particular sees the most cuts, but I suppose it’d have to with a big sale considering it composes the majority of its portfolio.

Regardless, there are sales to be taken advantage of and we’re bringing you that information. Here’s a handy list:

Pac-Man Championship for $.99? On it like a fat kid on buttery bread.

  • Bobby

    How many versions of Pac-Man do we *really* need, Namco? 

  • Anonymous

    The first Time Crisis Strike is also on sale for $.99.

  • Travisr2h

    I would buy them all if they had Icade support.

  • TokyoHam

    "On it like a fat kid on buttery bread." - Real classy, TA.

    • TikToc666

      Don't feel bad, fat kid.

  • UmbraVir

    Just got PacMan:CE, and am loving it so far.

  • Sramisetty

    ...They made PAC-MANIA for iOS? How did I not know?! Getting it now.