Earlier this summer at WWDC 2011, we chilled with Get Set Games and discussed its plans for a huge new update to its money-printing machine, Mega Jump [Free]. That update is now available on the App Store and we’ve grabbed some details that’ll whet your appetite while you wait for it to download.

The headliner of the overall package is, of course, the brand new world. “Magica,” as it’s called, is a conglomeration of 20 brand new stages that provide more challenges with fresh backgrounds. A new character, Rolf the Wolf, has also been added to a steadily growing cast of freakishly cute and enlarged animal-like... things. One of the finer additions being pointed out is the fact that free MP has returned. The sticking point is that you’ll have to “watch videos” in order to participate.

Naturally, bug fixes and the promise of even more to come, including more worlds content, are also being teased.

Love it or hate, Mega Jump is certainly becoming one of the more pleasant and refined free-to-play experiences out there when you factor in updates like these. We’re excited to see where it’s going and how its own model evolves as more and more content gets tacked on.

  • Sanx

    Yeah new update, my personal fav!