In the interest of keeping our Labor Day sales coverage coherent, we’ve split it into as many studio-centric categories as possible. With any bargain big, though, you’re going to come up with titles that don’t quite sync up to each other. That’s what this post is all about -- it’s the catch-all for the various independent studios out there with a notable game on sale. As you’ll see, some of these might not be celebrating Labor Day specifically, so it’s in your own interests to move double time and gobble these up.

In no specific order outside of alphabetical, here’s another list of hot deals:

A notable mention here goes to Big Fish Games, which is having a ridiculously HUGE sale. All of its catalogue is being offered up at $.99. We’re talking well over 40 games for pennies on the dollar, so feel free to browse that listing here.

Undoubtedly, there are more sales out there, so we highly advise you bargain hunters of the world to check out our deals forum. Otherwise, go grab the entire Geared franchise for the generous price of $0. These are amazing games that you shouldn’t miss.

  • JCman7

    Crazy sales going on! On a side note just helping out here. There is a typo you put " With any bargain big" Think you mean big bargain. I switch words all the time! Keep up the great job with all the sales news! Its fantastic and looking forward to the podcast

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  • Wheels

    I just stumbled across that has a HUGE list of the 2011 Labor Day Sales from a large variety of stores (Amazon, Bestbuy, Macys, GAP, and so much more!) Here is the link:

  • Carl

    Zombie Highway is fun. You guys should try it.

  • URAdouche

    Douche alert!!!!