The “Engineer Update” to Trainyard [$.99Free] creator Matt Rix was teasing earlier this month is out now and available as a free download for owners of the title. The big ticket item is the addition of a level editor, but the update also brings a bunch of new stuff to the table including Universal support for those of you with an iPad, Game Center, fresh puzzles, and “hundreds of other bug fixes and improvements,” according to Rix.

Focusing on the level editor for a second, you can see it in action in the video embedded just below. It looks like the natural evolution of the puzzle game that we expected it to be when we reported on the fact that the update was happening earlier this month. Games like LBP have taught me that I should never, ever try my hands at level design, but I think I’ll give this a try. Basically, I just want Matt to smile and say encouraging words to me.

Trainyard is one of those games that really took off when it was released. The really cool part of that particular story is that it’s a solid and inventive game that deserves its time in the spotlight. If you still haven’t checked it out, definitely give our review a read and see if that changes your mind.

  • Lazrhog

    Matt Rix is currently my user interface god. Really cool stuff goes on in his head 🙂

    • MattRix

      also a lot of really dumb stuff 😉

  • Sumiguchi

    Actually Trainyard is a game that really didn't take off when it was released.  In the first 4 months it only made $3200 and only after the express was released did it really take off. (according the developers blog

  • Anonymous

    It is an amazing puzzle game! I love puzzles with more than one solution, and Trainyard goes the extra step of allowing you to compare yours with others to see how efficient yours was. It adds a neat area of replayability when you find out that you could do something in fewer steps.

  • bonesquad

    Awesome. Easily one of my favorite iOS games. Games like this or SpaceChem on Steam just boggle my mind how someone came up with such a design for a puzzle game. It makes me feel dumb. Then I play it and feel dumber... and then I solve it and feel like a genius!!!

  • Ass

    matt rix is flargin awesome