We've recently been given an exclusive heads-up on two interesting looking upcoming titles from Digital Concepts, who brought us the early iOS pick-up RPG Loot Master [iPhone] as well as the space age tower defense title Starfall [iPhone, iPad].

The first bit of news Digital Concepts' Douglass Beck shared with us should be of interest to all the Minecraft junkies out there. Doug is working on a game that started out as something of a "pet project," but is now evolving nicely and should make it to both App Stores (Mac first, then iOS) sometime down the road. The as-yet-unnamed title is a single- and multi-player Minecraft-like game that is already quite functional in its early state of development.

That's about all we can share right now in the way of media and details on the studio's Minecraft-alike, but we'll bring more before the game goes live.

Doug also let us know about another upcoming title from Digital Concepts that fans of his tower defense game Starfall, which has shown to be quite popular with our forum readers, should be pleased to hear. He has been working on a sequel to Starfall that is an all-new version of the game, featuring more structures, more towers, more enemies, all-new levels, a bigger and better soundtrack, more unlocks and, as he describes it, "more of what made Starfall great." The game is nearing completion and we'll share a closer look when the game lands in the App Store.

And, while Doug has unfortunately not (yet) listed among his titles headed to the App Store the conversion of a certain Windows CE mobile game he released in the early '00s, I intent to do my best to get it on the list. The title I speak of is a single- and multi-player cave flyer called Rocket Elite Gold (see video), which was the first game I tagged back in 2008 as a must-port for iOS and my favorite mobile game of all time (played on an original Compaq iPaq). I've been personally pestering him to get it over to iOS, and I think Doug gave me the details on these other two titles just to get me out of his hair... Maybe you should pester him, too: @Codables

  • http://twitter.com/mguniverse Danny Perski

    Minecraft clones are fun sometimes, but Minecraft is a survival game. A lot of the problems with Minecraft clones are that people aren't adding enemies to the game, instead making it nothing but a block building game. 

    • http://twitter.com/omicron123 Christopher M

      Which is why the presence of boots, armor, etc. in that screenshot is so thrilling.

    • http://twitter.com/ZakothX Zakoth Xard

      Minecraft started as a block building game.

  • Anonymous

    I wish Mojang would hurry up with the official Minecraft app.

  • minecraft

    why can't people be more original instead of always copying minecraft.

    • Dollor

      You don't know anything about this game yet except for two screenshots - what is there to say that it is more similar to Minecraft than Minecraft is to its predecessors?

      • anony

        Fact is the screenshots alone scream "Minecraft rip-off". I'm personally not going to be supporting apps that just copy someone else's concepts almost completely and then sell them for money....

      • Dollor

        Fact is that early Minecraft screamed "Infiniminer rip-off"...

      • anony

        That was completely discontinued before Minecraft creators even started. What's your point exactly?

      • Dollor

        The same point I had in my post. There is nothing to say that this game will be more off a rip-off of Minecraft than Minecraft was a rip-off of it's predecessors.

      • anony

        Sorry if I was a bit misleading. I meant that as Infiniminer was open for all before Minecraft was made, they weren't really stealing ideas from the original creator. They were allowed to. This one though, looks exactly like Minecraft and Minecraft isn't open for all yet (and no I'm not saying any of the other clones are any better!). It's just like how we scoff at all the Angry Birds clones on the App Store. What if the clone apps used birds as well and you still had to hit pigs? That would be more than just a clone but an outright copy. That's what I personally feel has been done with all the Minecraft clones on the App Store. Just my 2 cents.

      • Dollor

        What Notch has said about "clones" is that he does not mind them - if they're not a blatant clone but try to add something. And this: “I strongly believe that true greatness comes from being influenced by other people’s work and improving it, making your own version of it, by mixing and matching your best influences and a few original ideas of your own.”

        What I was complaining about was someone writing this off as a worthless clone based on two screenshots from early development. In fact, have a look at the very first Minecraft video Notch uploaded: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9t3FREAZ-k

        Oh, yes - read the description: "This is a very early test of an Infiniminer clone I'm working on."

        I rest my case.

  • ea

    Yeah, and now they're getting articles on TA about them. Really, aren't there more original games to write about? Other devs are really trying hard to get some publicity, often well deserved.

    • Anonymous

      tips@toucharcade.com send your game details to this email instead of ranting here under anonymous username.

  • Aer2

    YAY for more starfall!  can't say i've ever cared for minecraft, well, i do like the concept, but not seeing it as anything more than a big time-suck.

  • Michael

    I hope they add survival elements. Even Mojang didn't add survival to their own pocket edition of Minecraft. If this game gives me that classic Minecraft survival gameplay, bring it on— if Mojang wont' give me survival, I'll take it from whoever else can. =)

  • Dollor

    I have to say that I am really glad at the formers graphics. Squares done right.

  • Anya
  • Steved7731

    iOS already has a completely competent minecraft clone in Eden: World Builder. No more necessary unless they bring something really new to the table.

    • Vhs

      Like iPad support, you mean?

    • Eradiandragon

      Like water, you mean?

  • Kikekun

    Why a blatant ripoff is getting exposure on the front page of TA is beyond me...There are a lot of devs out there begging for some TA love that at least work out their own ideas with the time and effort that implies start something from scratch.

  • http://twitter.com/teknikal69 P Allen

    Don't really rate minecraft very highly but of course it's obvious even to me it has a huge following so probably a smart move releasing something similar. 
    Starfall on the other hand I do like and just reading this made me fire it up again, very good TD I can't wait to see the improved sequel.

  • leaf

    Planetside is a registered trademark of Sony Online Entertainment
    "Planetside 2 was officially announced on July 7, 2011."
    Digital concepts might want to come up with a new subtitle for their Starfall game, before SOE sues them.

  • leaf

    Planetside is a registered trademark of Sony Online Entertainment
    "Planetside 2 was officially announced on July 7, 2011."
    Digital concepts might want to come up with a new subtitle for their Starfall game, before SOE sues them.

  • Happytodd

    Im quite excited for the Minecraft-like game coming to ios, I may not be a big Minecraft fan but we need a good Multiplayer game out there and hopefully it'll be somewhat of an MMO running on 3g+wifi. Starfall on the other hand, Never played the first one but it looks quite good. I have high hopes for Starfall 2!

  • NaughtayMonkay

    I've tried nearly all Minecraft rip-offs on iOS, and I am sorry to say it none of them have the same enticing elements that Minecraft has. Someone should at least make the world graphics not look exactly like Minecraft (world made of cubes) It could be less neat, but maybe create something with other shapes, rather than cube. Maybe random geometric block every time so that it does not look like cut up pieces of cake.

  • Rocksteady777

    So...what happened to this app? Cancelled or still in development?