Telltale whiffed on the PC and Macintosh release of the first title in its episodic series based on Jurassic Park. Towards the end of April, the studio announced that the new series wouldn’t be making its debut in that same month. Instead, these versions would hit alongside the console versions later this fall. This afternoon brings fresh word of firm November 15 launches for the PC, Mac, the disc-based Xbox 360 version, and the PSN versions. It also confirmed something that we wanted to hear: an iPad version is on the way.

We don't have a specific release date on the forthcoming iOS versions, unfortunately, nor do we have any indications if they’ll pack in any extras. Legacy-wise, I don’t think it’d be wise to suspect anything new or, heck, even tuned to the iPad, but I suppose anything is possible in a world that has the power to morph cheese into peel-able strings.

One thing to note about the game in general, though, based on preview coverage, is that this series is remarkable for the studio: it’ll combine action with Heavy Rain-ish mechanics, which is a step or two removed from the usual Telltale mold.

Actually, one more note: unlike the PC, Xbox 360, and PSN versions, it appears as though we won’t be getting the entire series at once, which is seriously bumming me out. I think I need to go somewhere and sit down in the dark for an hour.

[Via IGN]

  • Dale Watts

    I hope there will eventually be a iPhone version of Telltale Games in the future.

    • Noah

      You mean like Back to the Future and Puzzle Agent?

  • Laszlo Tuss


  • Michael

    Is that Cole MacGrath I see?!

    • ahamling27

      That's exactly what I was thinking....

  • Phil Baxter

    That's going to be pretty chuggy on an iPad 2, and on an iPad 1, well it will be a nice slide show.  Telltale struggle to get their stuff running smoothly even on a PS3.

  • Izmiel2010

    Looking good!!!

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