Before Mega Mall Story and Pocket Academy, we were pretty sure that Kairosoft’s next big US iOS release would be Grand Prix Story. It seemed like an educated stab since the game was ported stateside to Android phones, translated, and had the appearance of being just as solid as its other titles. We were wrong, but now the developer seems poised again to bring its car themed managing simulation to iOS in the states. As you read this, fans in Japan are getting hands-on with the game for the iPhone and iPod Touch, which leads us to believe that it’ll hit here next, as all it requires is a translation pass with already-translated text.

We could be totally, horribly wrong, and hilariously, we kinda invite that. Grand Prix Story, a game that puts you in the role of a racecar manager, is a known property now. We’d rather get another surprise (or Game Dev Story 2) -- whichever will sate our taste for simulation.

Communication with Kairosoft is something we’re still struggling with at the moment, but we have fired off an e-mail to see what’s up. While we wait, we’re drawing up Excel spreadsheets for Grand Prix Story in preparation just in case.

  • TheEvilNoob

    I might get this. It looks interesting 😀

  • Freak

    i'm still on pocket academy and just started mega mall story.
    retina + universal + gc support is needed.

  • GodSon

    I have this one for Android and it's my favorite Karisoft title out so I can't wait for it to hit the U.S. on IOS. 

  • HisDivineOrder

    Wow, they're really pumping these things out a fast clip now.  I suspect they sense the impending end and are trying to maximize how much longer people call these games classics before the whole genre feels worn out... by one company.

    • Civ2boss

      If you think it's fast, you should go look in the forums and see how many people think they are too slow somehow...

      Also no many how fast they go, it seems they'll keep having more games yet to be ported, just look on their japanese catalog.

  • UmbraVir

    I feel like I'm the only person who isn't into the whole hype over these "story" games.

    I mean, they look just like Tiny Tower, or Valor, or any other freemium.

    • Civ2boss

      You should try the lite versions. I think it's quite an insult to them to be compared to Tiny Tower :-p

      • Cat Astrophy

        Amen Civ. Tiny Tower is a trash appointment freemium game, two horrible concepts rolled into one cute pixel package. Kairosoft makes games and makes money off them. Whomever developed Tiny Tower and other freemium games (like I care to remember their names) just make apps to make them money, and Tiny Tower just happens to have enough elements to call it a game. I'm tempted to make an app that has nothing in it but a leaderboard and you gain points by simply buying digital nothing IAP.

      • Derek Chin

        Tiny Tower's conversion rate of 3.8% is actually quite high by industry standards so it's not as easy as just throwing something out there 😉

    • Ken Griffey III

      Kairosoft games aren't freemium. They have no in-app purchases (probably the only developer that can still say that). Really the only thing you got right here is that they kind of look like Tiny Tower. The gameplay, however, is drastically different.

    • Derek Chin

      If you liked Tiny Tower for its simplicity and straight forward freemium style play - Kairosoft's offerings may not be for you.  

      However, if you thought Tiny Tower wasn't a real game, or was shallow, and like stuff like Sim City, then Kairosoft may be for you.  

      Both developers have charm and character to their games, but their business models, and execution are dramatically different.

      Suffice to say that most people who buy IAP in most of the freemium offerings are unlikely to be the same group of people who like Kairosoft games - they are made for different demographics with different hooks and mechanics.

  • Traviss

    These game will wear out soon, their all the same and the company dosent make other types of games.

    • Civ2boss

      I don't agree that they are all the same. Game Dev and Grand Prix is similar, but Grand Prix has more stuff. The others are different from those two but are similar with themselves, however each have more stuff than the last with some improvements as well. They aren't just copying and pasting new graphics to make the same game with a different theme, there's actual differences that makes the game play a bit differently.

    • TheEvilNoob

      I thought the same thing about first person shooters (most are getting old but some are still cool), but they are still coming. You never know these could keep coming.

    • Real Hero

      How about angry birds? Rovio is even worse right?

      • Anonymous

        Has rovio even made another (not angry birds) game? Because i haven't seen one.

  • bob

    This is the one I've been looking forward to for some time now. 

  • Purdyethan

    I realize that the language barrier between you guys and Kairosoft is really hindering your ability to communicate with them. You guys should post on the forum asking for someone who is fluent in Japanese to help you with translation. I'm sure lots of people would be more than willing to help out.

    • Eli Hodapp

      We've tried that. 🙂

      • OFErOne (Erwin Ocampo)

        Japanese game show styled video should work?

    • Cat Astrophy

       Just use google to translate. The emails would be so bad they would get a kick out of it and be like "haha those crazy Americans let's get a new game out to them ASAP"

  • Michael

    Kairosoft is on Facebook. They try to comunicate in broken english every now and than. They stated that they are not telling about what and wen something is comming.

  • Anonymous

    I will immediately buy this. I need a Kairosoft app that just counts down and then immediately downloads the newest game.

  • John Usher

    Oh man I can't wait for grand prix to hit the store. All kairosoft games are Instabuys

  • Will Buckingham

    My style of play with their games is to burn about 5-6 hours all at once and then have to force myself to stop playing for the day.  I tend to forgot about going back to them after that, but considering how much fun they are when I am playing them, I'm okay with that.  It's considerably cheaper than going to a movie, and even if I never go back to the game a second time, I still got 2-3x as much playtime as I would watching a single movie in a theater.  So I'm looking forward to this one as well.

    • Cat Astrophy

      People need to quit comparing games to movies. The cost to develop most movies destroys the cost to develop most games. You're paying for a higher premium product for the price. They offer different sorts of entertainment. I've never played a game that had a better story than say, my top 100 movies. This includes Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Oblivion and story-focused games of that caliber. But no movie has engaged my mind for problem-solving (of course) like a good game has so it just depends on what you want. You can't compare the price of a movie to a game.

      • Anonymous

        Either you haven't played many good plot games, or i need to watch your top list of movies. I have never seen a movie that had a better more complicated plot than good video game plots. Books yes. Movies no.

      • Will Buckingham

        Of course I can compare the price of going to the theater to spending a few hours playing a game.  The theaters wouldn't be in such a frantic state trying to cook up gimmicks like 3D if they weren't vying for your time over all the other entertainment mediums available at this point.  A value comparison is extremely subjective and different for everyone, but personally, I would rather spend 5-6 hours playing the next Kairosoft game than go see Thor in 3D for example.  It costs me less, can't tempt me to buy the $12 popcorn/soda combo while I'm there, and I still have the option of buying the bluray when it comes out for (in almost all cases) cheaper than the trip to the movies would have been.  The quality of the story being told obviously has a lot of weight for you and pushes movies far above games in value, and that's fine, but it's only one viewpoint in the crowd.

      • Don Hues

        lol, thats great for a good movie, but I've seen more than my fair share of utter dreck up on the big screen and it most certainly wasn't worth the 40 bucks it costs for myself and my wife to sit there for 90 minutes.  I'm sorry, but I don't care how much money it costs to make a movie.  If I can get 20 hours of entertainment out of a good videogame for a few dollars thats a better value to me than 2 hours of entertainment from a movie.  "Higher premium product" my arse...

  • Murderin Murphy

    The style and theme speak to me.  Reminds me a bit of Final Lap Twin for TurboGrafx.

  • Acidbottle

    i remember many many years ago a title called formula 1 grand prix for 8-bit computers. i played that game to death, management of motor racing facinates me no end ^^

    i liked game dev story but didnt fancy their other titles, not interested in managing a shopping mall, but this .. this is going to be HUGE!

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