In this week’s episode of The TouchArcade Show, we battle through a discussion of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and the "Eli’s Scuba Diver At The Bottom Of A Fish Tank" (Eli Note: It's fixed in the second half, I'm so sorry.) voice woes in order to bring you the latest iOS video game news. At the top, we dig into the My Virtual Boyfriend, and then smoothly enter into the iCade, a few other delectables. Later, on the Front Page, we don our tin foil hats to chat about the PS Vita and remove them in order to have a discussion on Galaxy On Fire 2 Full HD. It’s a neat show all-round, promise!

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Here’s your show notes and remember, you can always talk to us with an e-mail to Let’s brighten the mood next week and discuss dating advice. Seriously -- send in your dating advice.


  • My Virtual Boyfriend [$.99] / My Virtual Girlfriend [$.99]
  • Antiques Roadshow: Discovering America’s Hidden Treasures [$4.99]
  • iBlast Moki 2 [$.99 / UHD]


  • Mister Ed

    A salad with no dressing is healthy and a good eat. However, basic fats such as salad dressing are helpful in assimilation of nutrients from salad greens.

  • Jon

    Do you guys just show up and record this without any sound testing? Every week Eli is constantly at a way lower volume and clarity than everyone else. Is there no way you can even this out, and test his sound before you start recording?

    • Eli Hodapp

      It's a difference in recording equipment. As of the next episode all three of us will be on identical microphones which should make things very consistent.
      Thanks for putting up with it so far though!

      • Brad Nicholson

        Aye, Jon. We've addressed the issue the best that we can. Be prepared for awesome!

      • Steven

        I think there's a program I was told about that can help with levelling your audio post. It's called Levelator if it helps. 🙂

  • Rofl

    who is the guy who talks constantly about how healthy he is, every week its look at meeeeee!! gym speak/healthy eats/bench press/so strong!!.. oh and a odd kool teen swear/curse in there also the dude word over and over..duudes!!  Brad Nicholson rofl. you look like an 80s wrestler my dad knew . congrats on that.

    • Brad Nicholson

      Uh, I hope you feel better now?

    • Eli Hodapp

      Brad is the 80's wrestler your dad knows.

    • dorm3nt

      You bastard! Brad went through hell to let us know how awful a game My Virtual Boyfriend is, and you go talkin trash bout him c'mon... Wait did you say 80's wrestler?? Nevermind, if I was brad I'd take that as a compliment, wrestling was actually entertaining back then. Great episode as always guys.

      • Jared Nelson

        It's definitely Razor Ramon.

        EDIT: This was supposed to be in reply to Rad, err, I mean Rofl.

  • Happy W

    Every time I listen to the TouchArcade podcast, I end up picturing Brad and Eli as Animal Crossing characters. Not Jared, though, for some reason.

  • Deadclown

    Send in dating advice? Send it in how? Email?

    • Eli Hodapp
    • Russ Perot

      Taking dating advice from a juggalo is inadvisable unless one has a good understanding of insane clown posse the band.