In case you're not familiar, Azkend [$2.99] is an awesome puzzle game. It's ancient in App Store terms, originally released in mid-2009, but the game has held up remarkably well since then and still is amongst my favorite matching games available on the platform. Azkend seems to strike an almost perfect balance between strategic matching and massive (often accidental) combos that utilizing whichever one of the many in-game powers you can have active at a time. Playing through the game unlocks more of these powers, and they'll do things like rain down massive amounts of lightning to clear tiles, or even just have a huge hammer appear to knock the tiles off the board (among many others).

Recently Azkend 2 was announced, and… Yeah, that's all we've got. They're currently directing traffic to their Facebook page for updates which is equally devoid of information. Surely this will be good news to fellow Azkend fans, and I'm going to be keeping a close eye on things for future details.

  • prof


  • Ahiru Nakamura

    awesome, one of my favorite games...

  • David Nguyen

    Azkend was one of the few genuinely great puzzle games back during the App store. It's too bad that the App Store is overloaded with hundreds, if not thousands of great games now because this sequel will probably be forgotten among the other top puzzle titles in the App store.

  • daniel bof demuner

    prefiro bejeweled