If you're an online gamer that utilizes TeamSpeak to communicate to your guild, clan, tribe, improv group, or whatever else you might be doing that requires voice communication, here's some awesome news: An official TeamSpeak [$4.99] client has hit the App Store. The down side, if you'd even call it that, is it only works with TeamSpeak 3, giving you even more reason to upgrade to the new TeamSpeak software if you haven't already.

Being an official app, it sure doesn't seem to skimp on features. Not only is it universal, but it also sports all the functionally you need to use it as your main TeamSpeak client. It's got multi-server connectivity, both push to talk as well as voice activation. There's even support for common admin functions, contact management, and text messaging.

If your online Dungeons & Dragons group uses Ventrilo, there still isn't a great option for iOS devices. There's VentBL [99¢] which will help you manage your server, but you won't actually be able to use any of the voice functionality.

  • Jules2k

    I really like the idea of seeing an official teamspeak client avalible on iOS.. but seriously, who is supposed to need something like that?
    TeamSpeak ist mainly used by online gamers.. and these gamers supposedly play their games on normal computers with TS installed as well.. and not on their phones.. :O
    And if you just wanna pop in to say that it's going to be a bit later for this evening's World of Warcraft raid.. well, i spose you could do this via a phone call or a text message as well..
    Anyone her seeing some kind of real benefit in a TeamSpeak iOS app?

    • Jason Stone

      Well for example the guild/clan I play World of Tanks with uses Team Speak. They also play WoW and many other games on the PC but when that same group wants to play console games together we lose the option of that common communication platform

    • Nick

      I see a benefit in that. I don't have a good headset/microphone on my computer, and even if I did, it would be on the same channel as the rest of the sound, most likely.

      Having the VOIP on the iphone is a great way to separate that and not have issues with volume

  • jlpizzle

    it has some possibilities. Especially with Order and Chaos. If it can run in the background during play then once dungeons and battlegrounds are released could spark a large want/need for it

    • Jules2k

      aah, i see.. Teamspeak running in the background plus an iDevice Online Game really rocks.. thanks for pointing that out 🙂

  • Drnub

    lol my guild uses skype with o&c usually have 8-10 people talking good thing we dont have little kids in our guild >_<

  • Jason Stone

    Just an update. I tested the app and it works quite good. It also works on 3g and in the background on my iphone 4

  • Henrylkr

    For a vent app, search for Mangler on Cydia. Granted, you need to be jailbroken but it does work pretty well.

  • Pyrex .net

    I love it and I plan on using it!

  • Echial 201

    i am not paying no 5 bucks for this app i use it already on my computer and it is free on the android market why can't it be free on the ios it is also free on the computer so why cant it be free on the ios tell me that 

    • http://twitter.com/Grantlycore Grant Casleton

      You just asked the same question twice, so really that just negated your own question.

    • http://twitter.com/Gromble Chris Gonzales

      Have you ever developed an application? Have you ever heard of getting paid for your hard work? Nah, didn't think so.