The Apple rumor scene is always on fire with speculation of all sorts, but two things of note popped up on the rumor mill that pertain to iOS gamers. First off, lately reports have been flowing in that the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) have started a trial run to produce Apple's next generation processor. The A6 is suspected to be revealed in the second quarter of 2012 at the earliest, with a possible inclusion in the next generation iPad.

Specifics on what kind of technology will be included in the A6 is still understandably vague, but it's said to utilize both the 28-nanometer construction process as well as 3D stacking technologies among other high-tech features. Other than that, it's safe to assume the A6 will follow in the footsteps of the A4 to A5 evolution in that it will be faster, have more graphical muscle, and use less power.

In other news, we've suspected that we'll see the new iPhone and iPod touch in the next few months as Apple aligns the release of the iPhone with their previous iPod-centric media events. Currently, the rumor mill is fairly certain that this event will fall on September 7th, which fits well in line with events of previous years which have also been held in early September. It also isn't that much of a stretch to think that iOS 5 will launch at or around the same time as this event.

If you've been looking to upgrade your iOS device, it's probably best to wait at least until early September to see what happens. I'd put my bets on Apple announcing a new iPhone and iPod touch at this event, and have them be available in short order. But, if you need an iOS device now, the iPhone 4 still is a solid device, and a 32GB iPod touch refurb for $179 seems like a great deal.

UPDATE: Since this posting, sources have flat out denied an event taking place in September, and rumors have come to light about both an "iPhone 4S" and an "iPad 3" coming in October. What will actually happen? Who knows, surely there's got to be some kind of bingo card for this.

  • Danny Perski

    I really hope the iPhone 5 doesn't look like that. I love the iPhone 4's design, but I can't stand how the iPod touch and iPad 2 look. >.>

    • Murderin Murphy

      Word.  I love the iPhone 4's design.  Simple, aesthetic perfection.

      I currently own a 3GS, but due to my %#$ 2-year contract, have been waiting (and waiting) for the 5.  Unfortunately, it's looking more and more like I'll be picking up an iPhone 4, based on the rumors and, so-called, spy photos making the rounds.  

      I was really hoping the next iPhone would retain the 4's flawless good looks while going all Tony Stark on its tech.

      Of course, none of us really know anything until we hear official news from Apple.

  • Anonymous

     iPhone 6, iPad 3 going to sport A6 Processor ?

  • Anonymous

    I don't see apple releasing two iPads in the same year. It doesn't make sense. If they release once a year people expect that. But two in year they will get bombarded with criticism. Especially from me.

    Typed from an iPad 2 bought in June

    • Chris Mader

      While you're probably right, I wouldn't put it past Apple. They are a big fan of screwing over their customers. I've been using Apple products for over 20 years now (only an iPod Touch now. Swore off their computers until they improve quality). I've seen them do it over and over again and I'm sure they'll gladly do it again.

  • Anonymous

    again, there aint gonna be no ipods now, havent you seen the way music and video went seperate ways ? donno about the ipads either. there are gonna be two iphones though, and the 3GS, the 4, the 5a and the 5b are gonna be in the markets at the same time, and all fully supported 

    • Jason Lilli

      No chance in hell iPad 3 hits this year. I would bet money on it. It will be March of 2012.

  • Derp

    iPhone 4S will be like the iPhone 4 but an economy version with some features cut

  • Matthew Imes

    I just ordered an iPad2 a couple days ago and now this! lol I've been following these rumors for a while, so I know that I'm taking a calculated risk. An iPad2 will be a HUGE leap in technology for me, since my current device is a 1st Gen. iPod Touch. I'm happy with my decision. 🙂

  • Phil

    will the 5th ipod touch have the A6 processor?

    • Michael A. Robson

      Ah, doubtful.. i think the 5, 6, 7 numbers coincide with the iphone versions.. 
      so the first iPad came out with A4, and that was around the time of iPhone 4's release... so every year or so we should get a new iPad with a new AX ... Etc etc. And the iPhone will follow suit.

      Its tough to keep track of all this stuff.

  • Wooseokjo

    i actually like that design except for the home button. it looks some what newer and modernish

  • Kedo

    Hope new iDevices will look just like this. More stylish than blocky iP4, and this home button. Sweet!