Creator Kairosoft’s Mega Mall Story [$3.99 / Lite] is, arguably, one of its most complete simulations, as it elegantly wraps you up in numbers and upgrades, as well as the community and people you serve in the process of building the tallest, most complete tower ever created by man. Other than a few control woes, I didn’t find a single issue worth noting in the review. If you didn’t take the plunge for one reason or another and still have a slight interest, you can do so now for the generous price of $0. A new Lite version has appeared on the App Store.

In the grand Kairosoft tradition, this Lite version doesn’t give away too much. It covers the first two years of the experience, which boils down to 20 or so minutes. You’ll be able to build a couple stores, see the “heart” system work, and presumably, be able to snag one or two regular customers. If you’re really good, I’m betting it’s possible to hit a one star mall ranking -- the first of five huge mall transformations.

Definitely give this a look, especially if you’re a Kairosoft fan. But even if you're not, I don’t think you’ll find it a waste of time. This game is crazy good.

  • $haun

    I have tried the lite version and have managed to achieve a 1 star rating. I find this game to be the only complete simulation game. Other games of this sort either involve micro-managing or generalist managing options. I certainly like this game and give it a thumbs up.

    • cozmic0

      soo... you're buying it?