Oh hey, it's Wednesday again. There's a ton of great games coming out this evening, although, for us, they're all overshadowed by Anomaly Warzone Earth. We've been looking forward to this game for so long it isn't even funny, and it's finally here.

Wednesday nights work different from most nights of the week on the App Store because iOS developers just love setting the release dates for their games to Thursdays. Being a global market and all, the App Store has different regions governed my different time zones. Because of this, things get released in New Zealand first since thanks to their proximity to the International Date Line, it becomes Thursday there before everywhere else. Things slowly trickle out until 11:00 PM Eastern when everything finally hits the US App Store.

Here's what's coming tonight:

Anomaly Warzone Earth, $1.99 / HD - Forum Thread - As mentioned before, we couldn't be more excited for this game. It's essentially tower defense in reverse with a whole heap of sci-fi stylings on top of it. We've had our hands on various pre-release versions, and couldn't be more happy with the game.

Cado, 99¢ / HD - Forum Thread - This seems to be a physics-based puzzle game where you've got to roll a ball into a hole. It might not be the most innovative thing ever, but I'm digging the simple doodle-based art style.

Candy Boy, 99¢ / HD - Forum Thread - A match three with puzzle platforming mechanics? That actually sounds just crazy enough to work. I'm curious to see how well each genre compliments the other.

Defender of the Crown, $2.99 - Forum Thread - The Amiga classic comes to the App Store in all of its retro glory. Manomio has redone the controls to require no typing, and I expect this port to be just as awesome as their previous retro ports.

Exitium: Saviors of Vardonia, $1.99 - Forum Thread - Action RPG's have been fairly successful on the App Store between both Zenonia and Inotia as well as other series. Exitium seems to follow in their path with some incredibly awesome looking graphics.

Flick Soccer!, 99¢ - Forum Thread - Full Fat Games is applying the awesome gameplay found in Flick Golf to the sport of soccer (or fútbol or whatever they call it outside the land of liberty) and I'm expecting it to be just as much fun.

Full Deck Hold'Em, $2.99 - Forum Thread - We've had our hands on a preview copy of this game for a few days now, and just when you thought that everything in the world of iOS poker had been done, GRL Games adds video chat. It's amazingly fun playing online, as the video feed makes you feel like you're actually playing poker with a friend instead of just playing an online game.

Fossil Feast, 99¢ / Lite - Forum Thread - This release from Namco has you in charge of piloting a pterodactyl and eating everything in sight. An upgrade system seems like it'll add some depth to the game.

Julius Styles - The International, $2.99 - Forum Thread - It's finally here. Wesley Snipes' game! I'm still not entirely sure what's involved in it, but the iTunes description mentions a morality system. That's always fun.

Let's Golf! 3, Free - Forum Thread - I love Hot Shots Golf which basically means I've loved all the Let's Golf games. This most recent one takes a freemium approach to things, which seems like it could work well depending on how Gameloft implements their payment system.

NyxQyest, 99¢ / Lite / HD / HD Lite - Forum Thread - This platformer leans heavily on Greek mythology, which could potentially be really cool, and you play as a girl with wings which sounds pretty awesome to me.

Pickpawcket, 99¢ - Forum Thread - This game pits cats against dogs to… steal art. Get it, you're a Pickpawcket. Stealth mechanics seem to be the name of the game here.

Pigs in Trees, 99¢ / HD - Forum Thread - In this game, you play as a pig in an airplane defending his tree from birds. (Sound familiar?) The art looks great, and there's always room on my iPhone for another line drawing game it seems.

Rugby Kicks, Free - Forum Thread - As an ignorant American, I'm not entirely sure what you do in rugby but it seems to apparently involve kicking a ball for points. The iTunes description makes it sounds like there's a lot of customization and depth, so if you're into rugby this might be a freebie to try.

Spacelings, 99¢ - Forum Thread - This space-based puzzle game requires you to adjust your tractor beam to suck up lost space cadet dudes. I like the premise, and although it's hard to see in the video, the game seems to have some great looking graphics.

Zen Wars, 99¢ - Forum Thread - The makers of Legendary Wars seem to have realized that the best part of any RTS-like game is base building, and built an entire game around that. There's even online Game Center multiplayer to see who can construct the best cannon-packed base.

  • http://twitter.com/mguniverse Danny Perski

    Cado looks like fun, it's been a while since I have bought a game specifically for iPad.

  • Anonymous

    Exitium also for iPad? As in Universal? KRPG shockwaves! Will have to grab this tonight, along with NyxQuest.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chekovski Victor Chekovski

    ABOUT FREAKING TIME! Anomaly! Been waiting for that for a looooooooong time.

  • Anonymous

    hmm... Defiantly want Cado and Anomaly and possibly julius styles and let's golf! 3. The past two Wednesdays  had really nothing to offer IMO. I thought silent ops would be good though... waste of my $6

    EDIT: Zen Wars also looks pretty good... scratch that, this Wednesday was pretty good.

  • http://twitter.com/bravadowaffle StephenD

    Stoked on Zen Wars! Congrats Liv Games, it looks awesome!

  • HelperMonkey

    I really appreciate these Wednesday preview round-ups. Hope it continues as a regular feature.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ZEROFACES Dreimos Heijnen

      If it's not considered a "regular feature" at this point, than I really don't know what you'd call it 😛

  • Andy C83

    NyxQuest is on Wiiware isn't it? I haven't played it but pretty sure it was well received on that platform.