For relative Poker rookies like myself and my friends, keeping track of who does what and who has what gets progressively harder as the drinks flow and more and more people join in on the action. Card manufacturer Bicycle just released a new iPad app that might help. It’s called Bicycle Poker Night [$4.99], and it’s merely a game tracking device. You use your real cards on a real table, while the app keeps track of the blinds, the chips, and everything else for you. As long as you keep the whiskey off your tablet, it should prove to be a handy tool.

Hilariously, its super elaborate in the visual department. As you’ll see, you can drop in pictures for your pals, and watch the action unfold on a virtual table. I’d imagine you’ll see a good bit of promotional content, too, if that lower right-hand corner is indicative of future plans.

Just thought I’d point this out to you if you’re into Poker. I’d imagine that a lot of App Store hounds are, so this should gain a lot steam.

  • Blueknight1st

    This is iPad only? Why? Are screen transitions too hard for the developers?

    • Martin Clifford

      Cause the idea is for everyone to see it, not just you.

    • RedBlue

      There is an iPhone version too, apparently...

  • Anonymous

    What's faster: Typing in each person's bet, or throwing chips forward?

    This just looks like it adds complexity. No thanks. 

  • Silencio Ega

    You should check Pocker Chips,too. IMHO,Pockerchips is simplier and it's also available  for Iphones.

  • John1325

    No easier way to scare off the fish then to start recording every hand on an ipad while the game is going, because you want to be able to have hand histories. You will lose much more than the $5 you spend on this app if you actually try to use it.

    • RedBlue

      Timer:  Yay!  Cash out calculator:  Yay!  Tool for setting up the gathering:  Yay!  Micro-transactions:  Boo!

  • Dionne

    at first I really laugh out loud but reading it twice made the difference! I think it's one hilarious app to be ever developed! I guess or alike wouldn't allow such thing! ahahahaha nice!