My most anticipated title of the year for the iPad, 11-Bit Studio's reverse tower defense game Anomaly: Warzone Earth, will hit the US App Store within the next one-to-two weeks, a rep from publisher Chillingo revealed to us via e-mail.

The wait has been crazy long. Anomaly first appeared on Steam and the Mac App Store in April this year to huge and well-deserved acclaim. We’ve gone hands-on with the touch-focused iOS iteration of the same game a couple of times since and have always come away impressed with how the port was being handled from a technical perspective. It looks great and it plays great, too, if those alpha or beta builds can be taken as a solid indication of the final product.

I’ve been begging for a pre-release build for months now, so hopefully we’ll be able to bring you some much more fleshed out opinions of the final game leading up to its release. At any rate, you’ll definitely be able to get your hands on it soon. Yay! Finally! I'm peeing at little but thats cool because I'm excited I think!

  • Diffusion8r have you no news on the iPhone iteration or have 11 bit studios and Chillingo make a monumental cock-up and disappointed hundreds of fans?

    • Declan466

      Oh thank god! I just survived a minor heart attack when I saw "iPad app" in the article, but in fact if you click the link at the start of the article on the page it opens it says he saw it played on both iPad AND iPhone. Can't wait...

  • John Usher

    Omg that trailer looks amazing I'll be picking this one up.

  • Anthony Zboralski

    I played this game on Mac. It's crap, a complete waste of money!

    • Theinty

      In YOUR opinion it's crap Zebralowski. 
      In everyone elses opinion its game of the year.

      Brilliant game - wonderfully executed. I'm peeing a little too... odd.

    • Anonymous

      Great, i accidentally Liked your post instead of clicking Reply. =P
      So the reply: I played the demo on PC when it came out and thought it would make an excellent iPad game. I also added it to my wishlist on Steam and sure enough it just went on sale today and I picked it up for all of $3.33. I'll probably grab it on the iPad as well, when it hits $2.99. or less. =)

  • david

    i would be happier if its not "tower defense in reverse"

    • AmigaVeteran

      Would it be better as a dual-stick shooter or... a physics slingshot game?  Or... maybe something original, like an infinite vertical jumper? :p

  • Anonymous

    For those interested, it's on sale on Steam for CRAZY cheap - like, less than $5.

    • John Doe

      Yeah it's on sale right now. Debating whether I want to pick up the steam version or the iOS one.

      • JZab

        These are different products. Both worth trying. iOS version is redesigned, it has modified levels, slightly different gameplay, another story... it IS a different game indeed.

  • Pckid32

    There's a lot of Wee around I see. Allow me to add my stream to the equation.

  • Me

    Looks incredible. Deff be picking it up.

  • Truth

    Instant pick-up! Just hoping it's $2.99 or less!

    • Wujek Grga at 11 bit

      Can't say much, but you're gonna like the price!