Words With Friends [$1.99 / Free] is headed to Facebook. Social giant Zynga Games announced the platform flip this afternoon with a delightful teaser image. Normally, I’d be a little annoyed by the lack of information, but really, what is there to say? Words with Friends is an extremely simple riff on the Scrabble formula with basic visual do-dads and mechanics that we’ve been enjoying for quite a while on iOS.

I’d imagine the reason we don’t have many details here is tied into the fact that nothing meaningful has been changed, aside from the addition of new Facebook-y social elements.

Let's talk about those for a second. PC Mag is reporting that users will be able to sync their iOS and Android games to this particular version. Also, you'll be able to, somehow, post about your current game on your foes' walls. Cool!

Zynga is heavily invested in Facebook, and as you know, the With Friends creator NewToy was grabbed by the mega publisher earlier last year. It only makes sense that we’re seeing its games (under a new name) on this specific platform, too.

  • SMP

    Hmm, I saw people on my Facebook friends list playing WWFs, and since its published by Zynga, I assumed it had always been on facebook.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=501323522 Jason Mannello

    They shoulda done this months ago. at this point most people who played words with friends regularly have switched to playing Hangin with Friends. Wonder how long it will be before that one comes to FB

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/EBWVJWO5LKYCG4NS3XRAVCXBRA Word

    There are already a lot of games in Zynga..I do play words with friends.Words with friends is also a hit game nowadays. Every time I'm in trouble the ANAGRAMMER gives me more hint. Try to google it peeps!!