Sega is throwing down a random Summer Sale for a selection of their titles over the next 48 hours. The star of this sale is obviously Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, Sega’s take on the Mario Kart formula. We absolutely loved the game in our review, and it’s a great deal for its sale price of $1.99. The Super Monkey Ball games are also a nice pickup if you don’t have them already, especially the iPad version which was at one time $15 if you can believe it. Then Sega’s mobile Football Manager game gets its first price cut ever, dropping by 50%. Finally, if you’re a fan of Sega’s Genesis emulators, they have a couple of those for a buck as well.

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  • Daft Eng

    Right, now i just need to hope for iCade support for their retro games...somehow i don't see that happening though...:(

  • Christopher Sullivan

    sale is not on in nz 🙁

  • Christopher Sullivan

    it even has pictures of the sale on sonic & sega all stars racing, but it's not on sale. bad times.

  • Marshall

    As others have noted: Sonic Racing is not on sale. Apparently the sale hasn't started yet.

  • Babylandlord

    You guys talk about appshopper so much it makes me want to stop using it! Unfortunately, I can't help but check it 8 times a day...

  • Peasporridgecold

    ? therez no sale dude; wats up?  evrything normal price at app store

  • Christopher Sullivan

    the sale pics have gone from the nz store. false alarm.