I'm not sure what it is about evil seafood from space. I thought Velocispider [99¢] did a great job addressing that danger with its deadly mecha-squiddies, but it looks like Two Lives Left is set to hammer the message home in the newly announced Crabitron -- you can't trust crustaceans. But you can play one, if you're patient.

Two Lives Left is the studio responsible for the excellent Wheeler's Treasure [$2.99] and Pilot Winds [Free] if you're trying to place the name. Here's what they have to say about the game:

Presenting CRABITRON, an iPad game where you take control of a Giant Space Crab. Use your humongous claws to terrorize the universe. Smash, crush and pull spaceships apart to eat their space captains! Deflect missiles, absorb lasers and even fight the devious Space Sharks of the Seafood Nebula. Find awesome and creative ways to use your claws to satisfy your ever increasing appetite... for destruction!

Sounds awesome, right? Ripping stuff apart -- I can get behind that.

I had a chance to get my hands on the game for a very brief preview, and I don't think we'll be disappointed. The controls are perfect - you pinch your finger and thumb together (like a claw, natch) to control each of the Giant Space Crab's claws. You drag your claws around the screen to grab ships that pass by, and pinch your fingers closed to crush them. Then you shovel them into your mouth, because Giant Space Crabs have giant appetites. You also need to deflect projectiles back at the pesky humans who are coming to kill you.

It's early days still, so while I'd love to be able to tell you a lot more, you're just going to have to wait. How long? Two Lives Left ain't telling. Hopefully the brand-spanking-new trailer will tide you over, and we'll be back with more details when we have them.

  • The Frost

    This is why i need an iPad

  • Anonymous

    Brilliant!! Love the use of both fingers per hand!

  • Andy Raczynski

    fracking brilliant 🙂

  • http://twitter.com/Appmonstr Alex

    This is probably the most creative game I've seen in a while! We need more games that are this unique!

  • Anonymous

    The music sounds familiar, anyone knows from where?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RE3DRM7EXO7LBC2CIGWY4FKBKQ David

    I want it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/madebymadison Madison Fotografie


    You see more games are finally using touch screens in a more innovative way that in the beginning.

  • Anonymous

    Giant enemy crab!

  • Guest

    I stopped reading after I saw the word "natch". What the hell, guys

  • fiveohthree

    this is frickin' amazing!!! i need it NOW!!!!!

  • Wooseokjo

    please i want this on android as well ..please ...