On this week’s bonus edition of The TouchArcade Show, a crew of three -- count ‘em! -- chat with indie games visionary and creator of Canabalt [$2.99], Semi Secret Software's Adam Saltsman. The conversation kicks off with a light discussion of Adam’s oddly elaborate sandwich and then into other much more hard-hitting topics such as the themes and ideas that went into, ultimately, the creation of Canabalt, what Adam offers the indie games community, and several of his other games including Zits & Giggles and Wurdle [$1.99], one of the first iOS word games to hit the App Store.

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This is an awesome and honest discussion that I think you’ll like. We’ll be back, of course, with another bonus episode next week with another developer chat. Also, prepare yourself for another flagship podcast this Friday. Yay! If you want to get in touch with us and get your name in the show the e-mail is podcast@toucharcade.com. You can also hit us up on the Twitter and the Facebook if social media is your thing.

Interstitial for this episode is all via Overclock Remix’s Daniel Baranowsky, the man who composed the iconic song for Canabalt. A snippet of Jim Guthrie’s Audio Pepsi opens and closes the ‘cast. Here’s a track list of what we used:

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