In this week’s episode of The TouchArcade Show, the cast and crew discuss the usual —- cats, dogs, muscles, and movies from the mid-to-late 1980s. But we also decide to do our duty and talk about the latest and greatest of this week’s news and games. Specifically, we spit a little game about Sid Meier’s Pirates!, Lodsys’ latest lawsuits, Cat Dance Party, and the most recent cloning fiasco to hit the App Store.

We’re really pumped about this episode, so we hope you like it, too. As usual, you can grab the podcast just below via direct download or streaming. Additionally, you can check us out on the Zune Marketplace and iTunes if you want to subscribe to our pods.


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Of course, we do hit a lot more than I mentioned in the opening there. Here are this week’s show notes with the relevant links to the articles / games we discussed. Go nuts and, hey, have a great weekend. We’ll be back next Friday for another episode.



Music, as usual, is provided as always by the talented Jim Guthrie. Specifically, we ripped the opening track of "Audio Pepsi," one song in an album he's selling. Check it out over here if you'd like to stream it or buy it.

  • Travis

    What is the song after the intro called?

  • Bzarbi

    Regarding the patent discussion, here is an excellent article on NPR:
    Also, I don't think Apple specifically bought into/acknowledged the lodsys patent, but paid a fee for a whole 'package' that included this particular patent.

  • Sanuku

    Pretty solid this Time with a few Downs (Beginning of the Show) and Ups ( Min. 50 starting ).

  • Noah

    "I'm gunna ram that boat into her ship"

    Yeah. So that guy... is the reason I don't subscribe to this podcast. He think he's so funny "we can talk about my body building some more if you guys want"... but he's not. The other two guys are clearly uncomfortable with his comments and tone - you can tell by their polite, but awkward, laughter.

    • theboredperson

      Burned, Noah is actually right this Podcast should be about games. Not a unfunny gym bunny talking about his muscles cracking unfunny jokes.:)

      • Eli Hodapp

        It is about games.

      • Rad

        Its so funny to hear other complain about the same things I do. Just tell to quit listening too.

      • Eli Hodapp

        Well, the downloads the show has been getting since it was rebooted seems to be vastly exceeding what the "old" show got. Similarly, the amount of positive community interaction we've gotten significantly seems to show a strong preference to the new format, with complaints basically limited to an incredibly small outlandishly vocal group of people who have now listened to 14 episodes but still relentlessly complain that it's different, or that there's swearing in an explicit podcast. I'm sorry we changed the show and you don't like it, but the new show is not only more popular, but it's way more fun for us to record.