I saw a lot of cool things over the week of insanity that was WWDC and E3, but the game that got me jazzed the most was Pocket Heroes. Some of the most fun I've had in my life gaming has been sitting around a table with friends playing pen and paper RPGs. However, as many former Dungeons & Dragons (and similar) players know all too well, once your gaming group graduates college, gets married, has kids, and all that other fun stuff, those dice rolling marathons that used to go until the sun came up become increasingly rare.

As mentioned in my E3 preview, F5 Games hopes to solve this problem by leveraging push notifications and just how stupidly well asynchronous turn-based gaming works on iOS devices. Instead of needing to round up a half dozen of your friends whose schedule all allow for a real-world campaign, you'll be able to play a similar style turn-based RPG right on your phone, with everyone taking their turn whenever they have time throughout the day.

We've got an incredibly active thread on our forums where the developers are doing a great job of engaging our community, and today they posted the following demo video:

Now, before jumping to any conclusions, keep in mind that this game is still heavily in development. As mentioned in the video, basically everything is still being tweaked. For more information on Pocket Heroes, the best thing you can do is check out the previously mentioned forum thread. Alternatively, the F5 Games blog has a few other tidbits of information, including a shot of the crazy contraption used to shoot the above video.