Prose With Bros [Free], the interactive sentence-building game that challenges you and friends to construct the dirtiest things that comes to mind, now has 100 new words. Evil Laugh Games reckons that the title now has around 2,000 as of this free update. Let us all hope that the words “snowball,” “camel,” and “gorilla” have made the final cut.

Words, while as crucial as they are to the experience, aren’t the only things added to the latest build. Evil Laugh on its Facebook page mentions that “various” tweaks and fixes have been included or addressed. The richest tweak we’ve spotted so far is the 24-down-to-12 hour voting time reduction, which should make games a lot snappier. Evil Laugh says it's open to dropping that time even lower moving forward and now you also have the option to cancel out of games hung up on other players' moves.

In a prior update, Retina display visuals were added, as well as capitalization and punctuation, and Twitter support.

Prose With Bros might not be a household name yet, but it’s getting the kind of attention that it needs to be a serious contender. We checked out the title back in April, so give that write-up a look if the asking price of $0 seems too rich.

  • Adams Immersive

    I don’t get the voting (it seems the %s never change) but it’s fun in its own weird way! The speech sounds are kind of funny too.