Holy cow, spending Monday fully engrossed in 4th of July festivities, Wednesday snuck up on me by surprise. But really, what surprise is better than a ton of new games being released?

Anyway, this week works like all previous weeks on the App Store. Developers can set specific future release dates for their games, and since the App Store is a global market broken up into regions, things are released incrementally. Thanks to New Zealand's proximity to the International Date Line, their App Store gets updated with new releases first. These releases then propagate out to the rest of the world until finally reaching the US App Store at 11:00 PM Eastern.

Here's an alphabetical listing of things coming out tonight that has caught our eye. Since there's been some confusion, keep in mind the screenshots come before the game link and description:

Block Breaker 3 Unlimited, 99¢ / HD - Forum Thread - I imagine the creation of this game involving a brain storming session where Gameloft just threw every idea everyone shouted for things that could be in a block breaking game onto a whiteboard… Then used that whiteboard as the feature list. There's tons of power-ups, multi-screen levels, boss battles, and so much more.

Deathsmiles, $4.99 / Lite - Forum ThreadIf bullet hell bullet curtain games are your cup of tea, there's no finer purveyor of said games on the App Store than Cave. Deathsmiles is of the horizontal variety, and instead of a traditional lives system has a "life point" system where you won't always be penalized by death depending on what you run into.

Finger Shoes, 99¢ / HD - Forum Thread - The object of this game seems to be fairly simple, you just walk with your fingers through the game world, tapping on all the star tiles as you go.

Flick Golf Extreme HD, $4.99 - Forum Thread - Joining the existing iPhone-specific version of Flick Golf Extreme [$2.99] comes its HD counterpart. We liked the original Flick Golf, and thought the Extreme redo was just as much fun. If you've been holding out for an iPad-specific version, now is your chance.

Jules - Unboxing the World, 99¢ - Forum Thread - This game has been available for the iPad for quite some time, and is only now getting re-released on the iPhone. Gameplay is a little on the simple side, and hinges entirely on you rolling Jules around smashing boxes. The graphics look great on the iPad, and tilt-based games always seem to work well on the iPhone.

Magnetic Baby, 99¢ / HD - Forum Thread - Magnetic Baby appears to be the love child of both Soosiz [$1.99] and Tiny Wings [99¢] and I'm totally OK with that. I've become a total sucker for colorful physics-centric games, and look forward to giving this one a try.

Ninjammin Beat-Jitsu, 99¢ - Forum Thread - This insane looking game is a hybrid between an action platformer and a rhythm game. Oh, and it takes place in a dystopian future and it's universal. What more do you need?

One Man Army, 99¢ - Forum Thread - It's a little hard to categorize this game, as it includes elements from shooters, tower defense, and castle defense. Regardless, you're a one man army and from your pile of sandbags you mow down seemingly endless waves of enemies. One Man Army was released accidentally, it's coming later this month.

Puzzle Family, Free / Star Pack - Forum Thread - This free to play collection of puzzle games has a delightfully weird trailer, and tons of things to unlock both between the 8 unlockable games and the 20 unlockable family members. (Each with their own outfits and things to unlock.) The entirely optional "Star Pack" gives you a head start with a bundle of stars to go hog wild unlocking things.

Swords and Soldiers, $2.99 / HD - Forum Thread - I'm all for these kinds of castle battle games, especially when they have art this good. (Seriously, check out the trailer.) This game is high up on our list of things to check out tonight.

The King of Fighters-i, $7.99 - Forum Thread - Many days of my youth were dedicated to arguing in support of either Street Fighter and/or King of Fighters compared to other fighting games, and now finally both franchises are available on the App Store. Sadly, with the recent release of SF4: Volt and the implementation of online Street Fighter multiplayer, King of Fighters has some catching up to do.

Torture Bunny, 99¢ / HD - Forum Thread - In the early days of the App Store, ragdoll punishment games were shockingly popular. I'll be interested to see how Torture Bunny does, as admittedly being able to design your own torture chambers does sound intriguing.

We Are Hungry, Free - Forum Thread - This free game seems to be a very simple take on line drawing. It's unclear how entertaining it will be for adults, but I could see something like this going over great with kids… That is, if you trust your child with your iPhone and/or iPad.

Westward 2 for iPad, $2.99 - This sequel to the original Westward [$2.99] is (at this point) exclusive to the iPad and features similar realtime strategy centric gameplay as you settle your home in the west. Think of it as a much more complicated version of Oregon Trail.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_P2B7I5HEQHKW4NKMDWOMRZCZAY Rae

    I dont understand why developers make games for ipad only, seems to limit their profit. Id buy westward in a second, but I dont have an ipad, and i most likely never will have one. 

    • http://twitter.com/MaximillianHill Maximillian

      Speaking as a dev, sometimes games don't work on both screen sizes.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_P2B7I5HEQHKW4NKMDWOMRZCZAY Rae

        fair enough. I wish there was a way to work around it.

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      The original Westward is available on the iPhone, and you can see first hand what happens when a game like that is shoehorned into such a small screen.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_P2B7I5HEQHKW4NKMDWOMRZCZAY Rae

        ah, thanks. Im going to get it; see what its like anyway.

    • Mrsmartiepants

      I'm a lot more upset when it's the other way around. I own both an iPad and an iPhone and the pad has ruined iPhone gaming for me. The phone is just nowhere near the gaming machine. It's nice because it's always on you all the time, but 99% of games are better on the pad. Tilt being one possible exception.

    • Anonymous

      A lot of games don't work on tiny screens... Like this one, or a board game like Small World. Sim City also doesn't work on a small screen, which is why we have the crappy one with limited features on the App Store.

  • http://www.facebook.com/madebymadison Madison Fotografie

    I wish Contre Jour, Blobster and Roll In The Hole were released today. Chillingo showed them earlier and CJ is scheduled for july anyway. Oh and I wish King Of Fighters (like Streetfighter) had HD versions or universal versions. And I want to pay some cash to we are hungry to make teh AdMob ads disappear but no such option seems to exist.
    And is it just me or does magnetic baby kind of do Rocket Bunnies?

  • http://www.facebook.com/madebymadison Madison Fotografie

    And I want Puzzle Family 1:1 on my iPad. NOW.

    • Mrsmartiepants

      That's funny, because it's available RIGHT NOW. Go ahead, download it. I just did, and I did it from the US store.

  • http://blucurv.com Ben

    KOF, that is so awesome. Never thought it'd make it to iOS. C'mon midnight.

  • Anonymous

    So many apps...

  • Mrsmartiepants

    I can't wait to grab all of the 99 cent Universal apps, the free ones, and I'll check out one or two of the other really great looking apps. NICE roundup!

  • Jimmö

    That's alot of new games 🙂 Thursdays are getting better and better

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E2H7ZRVFBOPVG6NSE7OXQJO3A4 Meemkk Meem


    look love--- w w w - jordanforworld - c o m

    believe you will love it.

    love good go.

  • https://twitter.com/BulkSlash BulkSlash

    I was going to write off KOFi until I noticed it was made by the same people that made Street Fighter IV for the iPhone. The controls in SFIV are sublime so I'm definitely going to buy KOFi (and Deathsmiles).

  • http://twitter.com/teknikal69 P Allen

    King of Fighters seems to control so much better than street fighter volt I wonder why that is if they are by the same company. I'd actually argue volt has some catching up to do now.

  • Anonymous

    DeathSmiles (playing in 2X on iPad unfortunately) is well done! May be tempted to purchase this shortly. Cave really needs to jump aboard the Universal train as many iphone/touch "only" games are beginning to become a thing of the past.  Puzzle Family is wonderful  - two games unlocked for free, but the other games require a massive amount of earned stars. I think for $1.99 to have to whole set, it may be worth it, as I already am impressed by the charm and added depth to an already familiar mechanic.

  • RandomDude

    WOW this port of KOF rocks!  Even more fun than SF Volt.  BTW putting pictures before descriptions is super annoying.  

  • Asd

    please please please remember:

    Pictures/videos AFTER titles/descriptions

    Header THEN content. Title THEN info

  • Stonerny

    one man army? It was released in April...