The Incredible Machine [$2.99] for iOS has been updated to include the content that spurred its recreation in the first place. The entire 1993 version of the Rube Goldberg puzzle game, including its pixilated visuals, is now accessible within the app for the price of free.

Also, more challenging puzzles have been added. A total of 15 “expert” missions are a part of this update, adding to an offering of around 75 total puzzles designed, in part, by Jeff Tunnel, the dude who created the original game.

Tunnel joined up with Playdom in 2010 after founding PushButton Labs in 2009. He was with Sierra On-Line when The Incredible Machine was originally created and published.

Remember Casey’s Contraptions [$2.99]? That’s the physics-based puzzler that we prefer in this specific genre, but it’s wild that its source material, the original The Incredible Machine, is now available within a re-make that came out a month after Casey’s Contraptions launched. I think this is a once-in-a-lifetime happenstance. We were a part of history, people! Do we get a prize or something?

[Via PocketGamer]

  • ktern

    This news caused me to open up TIM immediately, but I don't see the original in here. (I do see the Expert pack, though.) Is it hidden / an unlockable, and how do I get it?

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic! Still prefer the modern approach by Casey's Contraptions, but this is great fun too! Memories!

  • Anonymous

    I had tried Incredible Machine recently but the level of difficulty never picked up even after what felt like playing a dozen levels, and even after switching to other level groups. We finally gave up too bored because there was basically no thinking involved during the whole first 15 or so minutes. "drag a single tube into the obvious area" is not a fun puzzle, it's treating the player like an idiot. I'm sure those who play longer are more rewarded with higher difficulties, but they should also consider some of us would like to jump in the fun a little quicker...

  • GamerGuy

    I bought this game thinking it would have the level of puzzle solving game play depth of the game Casey’s Contraptions. Instead there is absolutely NO puzzle element to this game at all. What on earth were the developers thinking when they made this. I just can not work out why they would release a game that would basically be aimed at the level for ONLY a 3 or 4 year old child. As I played through this game I thought it had a bug or something wrong with it, I was thinking when does the real game actually start. It doesn't. Basically all the levels in this game play like a very basic intro tutorial level would be. Like I said, what were they thinking (made by Disney no less either). What a wasted opportunity of what could have been actually a good game. I've bought over 100 games for my iPad and this is the first one I think I'll ask for my money back.

  • mmmmmmmuh

    i would also like to know how to access the full original version of the game. I love TIM. The only thing missing from the app as far as i can tell is a sandbox mode.