Take a nice long look at this teaser image, because it's all that we know right now:

(Click for this image in gloriously animated .gif form.)

This is courtesy of a tweet this morning, and it's really not that hard to speculate what Edge Extended might be about. It seems pretty obvious that Extended would be a continuation of Edge [$2.99], which is a fantastic puzzle-centric platformer. It would seem to me that they couldn't just simply release a new game that's the same as the old one with different levels, so it also wouldn't shock me to see some new gameplay elements included. What those are is anyone's guess.

As soon as more details leak out of Mobigame, we'll be on top of 'em.

  • Jim

    I can't wait to be on the extended edge of glory!!!!!

  • Scoops

    And no Tim Langdell this time....

    • Anonymous

      I own the trademark on the word 'extended' with relation to computing. Pay up or I sue. 😛

  • The Frost

    My guess is this: MULTIPLAYER, helping each other out to solve things. This is great news, as EDGE is one of the best iOS platformers, if not the best. Finished it completely and TURBO mode is somethinf worth unlocking. 

    • Anonymous

      I'd love a new Edge, even if it was essentially the same but with new levels. Not keen on the prospect of multiplayer though, I've never really liked the idea that my enjoyment of a game is so dependent on other people (or technology, i.e. my connection quality/speed).

    • spidey

      what's turbo mode?! I have finished the game too... don't remember anything about turbo mode?

  • Radiocaravan

    In honor of Edge beingable to call itself Edge, they should have named the sequel Edgy Edge II: Double-Edged (in Edge-o-Vision!)

    • Jim

      Edge II: Edge Harder

      • TKO

        Edge II: On the Edge of Edginess?

        Edge II: The Edg-vengeance?

        .. so so many possibilities. 🙂

  • heyday72

    did i just died and went to heaven? I WANT EDGE 2

    • heyday72

      forgot something, i think U2 sould be promoting this....

  • TKO

    This feels like a Wayne's World "We're not worthy!" moment .. except I was too busy grinning at the screen in stupid happiness to remember to do it. 🙂  This is all kinds of awesomeness.  ..with extra awesome.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frédéric-Lormois/100000030609443 Frédéric Lormois

    One of the best iOS game....better ?

  • http://twitter.com/21tigermike Michael A. Robson

    Yeah this game was awesome..

  • poutini

    Mobigame is the bomb. I've enjoyed all their games thus far.

  • Macaroon

    ooooohh....me likey!

  • E_Domina

    Yes. Mobigames has had some great games like CrossFingers which I also throughly enjoyed alongside edge so i hope they add stuff like co-op/competitive type online modes, some new great levels and possibly cooler gameplay elements

  • http://twitter.com/BrettArchibald Brett Archibald

    This "new" EDGE Extended wouldn't simply be a port to another platform, would it?
    Read this:
    and this:

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