Got a case of the Mondays? Well I've got the cure, right here: Death Rally [Free]. We gave the game five stars in our review, and I'd go as far as to say that Death Rally is easily among the best top-down racers available on the App Store if not the best. Seriously, don't miss it. I'll do some more convincing after you watch the trailer:

Death Rally has tons of things to unlock, tons of Game Center achievements to earn, and a constant stream of updates has kept this game remarkably fresh. There's even talks of a multiplayer mode on the way, so if nothing else, snag Death Rally to be ready for that.

  • Anonymous

    One of my favorites for iOS. So addicting and beautiful.

  • spidey

    whoa.... what a freebie. Am sure no one who has bought it at it's full price regrets it one bit. I don't. Looks brilliant on an iPad.

  • Anonymous

    This game is freaking legit!!!

  • Guest

    A little late there, TA.

  • Anonymous

    Totally worth grabbing if you have the time. Consider that a warning, I was sucked in for a considerable amount of time maxing out all my cars and Fame. 

  • numanair

    I got this and it quickly became one of my favorites. The graphics are amazing!

  • Tom - mooedia

    Got this when it was first released and hated the way the controls worked. Deleted it (even tho it looked great) however I re-downloaded it again a couple of weeks ago and i cannot put it down. Think one of the updates must of fixed the controls but its such a great game. Ive nearly completed it but find if i have a few spare mins i can just sqeeze a few races in!

    The upgradable aspect to the game is excellent, allowing you to add missile launchers and mines etc which really add to the game. Extra tracks would be great but apart from multiplayer this game is spot on.

    Even better now its free!

    Nice one 🙂

    Recommended big time!

  • Tom - mooedia

    Also there is a new Death Rally update with Duke mode (survival mode) which plays quite well. Along with a new truck to unlock to. update 6 its called and is available now. Loving this game!

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