Surely you've heard of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP [99¢ / $1.99], right? If not, I'm pulling this web site over right now and giving you a lecture on the subject. S&S is a fantastic collaboration between musician Jim Guthrie and artist Craig D. Adams with Capybara Games providing the glue that put the whole project together. It's a point and click adventure game with some of the best pixel art I've seen in my entire life paired with an entirely original soundtrack that combines with the game itself so well that portions of the game flat out gave me chills of awesomeness.

I could get into the plot of the game, but a large part of enjoying it is discovering the game world for yourself. I wrote our review with this in mind, and as such it's written in layers so you can stop reading when you're reached your desired comfortable level of spoilers.

Sworcery comes in two flavors. There's the iPhone only version which is on sale today only for 99¢. Similarly, there's a universal version for both the iPhone and iPad which is on sale for $1.99 today as well. Personally, I greatly prefer the game on the iPad, but there are some aspects (like rotation for combat) that are better on the iPhone so it doesn't make a whole lot of difference which device you play it on as long as you play it.

In addition, the soundtrack of the game, Sword & Sworcery LP - The Ballad of the Space Babies is also on sale. It's a "name your own price" sale, so you can decide to pay a million dollars, the $8.99 that it's going for on iTunes, zero dollars, or anything in between. It's really a great piece of work, so if at all possible try not to be one of those people who give nothing (or a penny) for this fantastic album.

  • YoureAMessy

    If you don't have this by now you're wasting your life away.

  • Andrew Sullivan

    Since I just bought it at full price this news annoyed me until I heard about the soundtrack. Now I'm happy.

  • spidey

    bEST rEASON fOR sALE eVER!!!! SUMMER SOLSTICE!!! (read this in a thread. Is that REALLY the reason?)

  • David Villanueva

    Good things come to those who wait. Also grabbing the OST. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Cowboysfreetyme

    I feel bad for dling the soundtrack for free on bandcamp even though I paid for the more expensive version on itunes.

  • Munkiesuthorn

    This game was not my cup of joe....

  • Honky_Tonk

    i just bought it, a perfect blend of stunning audio-visual creation.but the tweeter thing is a bit annoying... grab it while its on sale.

  • Klaus

    I also bought it at full price, but to get the soundtrack for less than $8.99 is a great deal!

  • Shamu

    bought the game at full price and loved the look and the animation. but the gameplay is non existent its garbage.

    • Kamuro

      I say bullshit. There is enough game to play in there. It's more fun than many of those "gameplay" filled bullshit boring Gameloft games. I think you have to open your mind for this game and experience the searching, conversation etc. as gameplay.