Back in March, Gameloft announced a new 3D action game called Backstab. Strangely, the game seemed to be an exclusive to the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play phone which also launched that month. Most people speculated that the title would eventually make its way to iOS, and indeed we did get our hands on an iPad version of Backstab at E3 earlier this month, though we still didn’t know when it would be hitting the App Store. Today, Gameloft has officially announced via their Twitter that Backstab will be launching this Thursday the 23rd, and have released new screens and a trailer which you can see below:

As you can see from the trailer, Backstab has a heavy pirate theme going on but gameplay looks really similar to the stealth-style killing of the Assassin’s Creed series. I never played the Xperia version of the game, so am not really qualified to say if that is a winning mashup or not, but it’s definitely intriguing. At least we won’t have long to wait before putting the game through its paces when it launches on Thursday. Until then you can check out the new screenshots at Gameloft’s Facebook page or partake in a discussion of Backstab in our forums.

  • Rom1

    Like always with gameloft, looks like shit...

    • Sanuku

      Someday i hope that you too will understand that it`s about the Gameplay and not about the Graphic.

      • Snipyro

        It's not like they invented the gameplay, being a direct rip of AC series.

      • markl

        better than not at all

    • Max Shamko

      not always...

      but right now Gameloft cant keep up with the tech inside current iDevices

    • Decoy Octopus

      Like theres actually a ton of games with graphics better than gameloft.

  • Davidprimer

    I think it looks awesome!

  • Lucas

    This game doesn't look bad at all... I don't know why people still pretend everything to look like IB or better for it to be good. Anyways, I'd like a comparison between xperia and ios version.

  • Nightshift Nurse

    I chuckled at this review quote:

    "Backstab puts many PSP titles to shame."

    The uneasy feeling of inferiority that permeates the mobile gaming industry is a regular source amusement for me.  I mean, it's understandable that an emergent scene would take a few swipes at similar but supposedly rival spheres, but mobile gaming definitely takes it a step further.  What's more, that one step beyond in terms of justifying itself moves the whole scene at least two steps away from true legitimacy.

    • deamon34

      This is a slap back to the Marcus campaign last year "texting your Grandma or calling your girl. $9.99 SUCKA!"

      • Nightshift Nurse

        I don't think it is any sort of rebuttal (and in any event I do believe Steve Jobs cast the first stone).  But even so, if you place Peace Walker next to virtually anything on iOS, etc., the mobile games look pretty anemic by comparison.

        I'm not trying to suggest that mobile gaming is without merit, but as a scene there needs to be less grandstanding and more focus on what's going on within the medium itself.

    • Anonymous

      I don't know where you saw the quote, but from your comment you say the quote says "many PSP titles".  As a former owner of a PSP, I can definitely agree with the quote, which is to say that's not the case for every game.

  • Johnny

    it doesn`t look like shit at all. I would say the graphics look great. Not really into pirate games. But for all you gameloft haters, they do make some excellent Fps games. Try modern combat 2 or Nova 2. Now they are going to use Unreal engine for their upcoming games such as March of heroes. It should be great and the graphics will be comparable to console

    • Anonymous

      They really don't make excellent games at all. They're the texbook definition of "average" or "good enough". It's just that they're really the only developers doing console-style games for iOS.

      BTW, you're using the wrong key to type an apostrophe. You've used a 'grave accent' instead. The apostrophe is located next to the 'return' or 'enter' key.

    • E_Domina

      I agree those games are the shit. But even March of Heroes looks graphically the same as NOVA or MC2. I just think the Unreal Enigine is gonna give it a better framerate or less glitches

  • Snipyro

    Lol holy crap, even the kill sequences are directly ripped off Assassin's Creed. Why not just call it Pirate's Creed.

  • Utz

    As someone said, once you play Gameloft's third person action game, you've played them all. 

    Seems Gameloft is happy to reuse their assets again and again and again.. especially the environments (nova, fast five, avatar, etc) and action sequences (horse riding, wall climbing, etc). 

  • Sanitymops

    I don't really much care that Gameloft rips off its ideas from the best console games.  I rather like having the opportunity to play WoW and Halo on my ipod.  I can't wait to play Assassin's Creed on it as well.  I think there is a lot more hate out there for Gameloft than is warranted but I suppose that the more success they get the more under fire they become as well (all part of the package).

  • Mike

    That looks mother-effing-SICK, I don't know what all these losers are talking about. I wanna cut some heads off! WOLFPACK Ahhhh-wooooooo

  • NotYou

    I'm glad to see Gameloft moving towards something unique. Even if the gameplay is borrowed from another game, they didn't make a straight knockoff this time. That's a big deal for these guys! I hope they keep it up and start doing their own thing. 
    They might be financially successful, but I always feel like they waste their talent with the knocks. 

    • NotYou

      "knock offs", not "knocks

  • Anonymous

    Pirate of Sparta! lol - doesn't look bad, but I'll stick to non-console-inspired games.

  • Alex Gillis

    Rather play Pokerist. Gameloft rehash continues. I think EA will start capitalizing here soon.

    • Mike

      Nope. Pokerist sucks. Why bother to bring it up? So sad.

  • Tikicobra

    I feel like every Gameloft game is the same. Every time I get one expecting it to be different I find that it looks and plays exactly the same as the rest. I'll get this anyway, though, since I love the pirate theme and there's a real shortage of pirate-themed video games.

  • Anonymous

    IMO, the worst part of each Gameloft title's presentation are their trailers.  They always show stiff animations and crappy cutscenes.  The final product is ALWAYS better-looking and more fluid than their trailers.

  • Jimmö

    Gameloft is awesome! I have spent hundreds of hours with Modern Combat 2 and Order & Chaos 🙂

  • Wz Sirazer

    Omg. Everyone says 'gameloft always does ripp-of', well try by yourself to invent a game that doesn't excist in it's genre on console.... GAMELOFT DOES NOT RIP-OFFS. It are just all kind of genres that look like all games. So are all games rip-offs of eatchother?? Srry for bad englisch

  • Karma32

    I'm going to guess they didn't make very much money selling it to xperia devices.

  • Johnny

    @accidentaldesign. Oh I used the wrong key for an apostrophe, lol !! .... That's so pathetic that you would correct me on that.... You need to get a life. BTW, there is no dash between console style. lol ( see isn't that pathetic)  Getting back to gameloft, have you tried modern combat 2 or Nova 2 ?, they are excellent games. Great campaign and multiplayer. The stuff , they have coming out should prove they know how to make great games.

  • Grossloft

    "...Upcoming games from Grossloft: Craftmine - An innovative game, never done before, where you'll have to survive underground to get to the surface; Creasys - You're an alien on earth, and some agents are hunting you with super-technologic armors, use you creativity to survive this crysis; and last but not least, Great Small Planet - play with your friends as the scrap boy, and have lots of fun in hand made locations."

  • Unga

    i would buy craftmine...

  • kedo

    @13391211e8c69d3ce3e63fba9712935b:disqus - haters gonna hate?I don't mind if they rip-off or not, I'm glad they're making playable games.